For this to happen we need to know the maximum load current for the device to be turned on and the minimum HFE of the transistor. Show us the circuit you are using. However, during the term of this Agreement ON Semiconductor may from time-to-time in its sole discretion provide such Support to Licensee, and provision of same shall not create nor impose any future obligation on ON Semiconductor to provide any such Support. However, in the NPN transistor, R1 must be shorted to the positive end of the supply to turn the switch on. The calculation of resistor values is identical to the PNP version. Switch using 2N transistor Reply to Thread. Find out how Levi’s Stadium is setting a new standard for how we experience football.

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If a power transistor is used to turn on a high current device, it may be necessary to use another lower current transistor switch to drive a transistor switch used in a high current application.

The most commonly used transistor switch is the PNP variety shown in Figure 1. Further the pin 8 is 2n906 to relay with PNP transistor 2n and a diode with some resistor as in the image.

We must also select our supply voltage, so for this example we will use 12 volts. There is no problem when I connect raspberry pi with laptop usb port as power.

How to use transistor(2N3906) to turn on relay?

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May 14, 6. Licensee shall not distribute externally or disclose to any Customer or to any third party any reports or statements that directly compare the speed, functionality or other performance results or characteristics of the Software with any similar third party products without the express prior written consent of ON Semiconductor in each instance; provided, however, that Licensee may disclose such reports or statements to Licensee’s consultants i that have a need to have access to such reports or statements for purposes of the license grant of this Agreement, and ii that have entered into a written confidentiality agreement with Licensee no less restrictive than that certain NDA.

Oct 2, 17, 5, We must also insure that the maximum power dissipation of the transistor is not exceeded.

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PNP Transistor 2N3906 as a Switch

Neither this Agreement, nor any of the rights or obligations herein, may be assigned or transferred by Licensee without the express prior written consent of ON Semiconductor, and any relaj to do so in violation of the foregoing shall be null and void. While there are limitations as to what we can switch on and off, transistor switches offer lower cost and substantial reliability over conventional mechanical relays.

While there are a few applications where our transistor switches may not be suitable, it is usually a much more reliable and inexpensive alternative to using mechanical relays. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as creating a joint venture, agency, partnership, trust or other similar association of any kind between the parties hereto.


Forums New posts Search forums. I think you have answered your own question. Here’s 3 example circuits that I have used on countless occasions without any issues and are known to work.

gpio – Cannot switch 5v relay with adapter power supply – Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange

May 14, 2. I am using 5v only, and the relay is also a 5vdc type. But when I connect the system raspberry pi along with my designed ckt to adapter came along with raspberry pi the relay do not trigger. This Agreement may not be amended except in writing signed by an authorized representative of each of the parties reelay. Sign up using Facebook.

how to connect 2n to drive a relay

Rochester Contact Sales Office. A short circuit of the output will overheat and destroy the transistor in many cases. Licensee agrees that it has received a copy of the Content, including Software i. Previously Viewed Products Select Product ON Semiconductor shall own any Modifications to the Software. Switch using 2N transistor Reply to Thread. You must log in or register to reply here.

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