I do not have any mouse acceleration in any of my other games that I have installed TF2, CS, Black Ops, BF3 so Future Soldier in its current state with forced mouse acceleration is pretty unplayable, at least for me anyways. Not solved by Monday than it is going back to the shop. Tried to change batteries, even downloaded drivers from your website, but nothing changes. What is the point, stupid Console Game. Code for custom item worked fine once update 1. Steelseries 7G on PS2 input Mouse: Keyboard and mouse don’t working for me.

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A4Tech KB(S)-527R Drivers

Consists of value-added a4tech keyworks office driver, such as: I am using an AOpen keyboard and Logitech G mouse. Both of these work fine in the menus. Apart from a multitude of other issues posted elsewherethe lb-8 and worst problem is that I cannot even move my soldier at all as it won’t accept either keyboard WASD controls or movement from my wired Xbox controller.

RMB does not work on mouse. Why does it matter?


Format it however you want! Like many others I’m having similar problems.

You can enable these devices any time to play other games and no need to uninstall anything. Its amazing what companies do to make Share Holders happy. Consists of value-added functions, such as: I have so many Ubisoft games and never had any problems till now.

Feedback We appreciate your feedback for your Genius product user experience Support geniusnet. I’m going to play this game tonight and after first impressions the only complaint I had was the frame rate when it had a lot on on the screen.

I created a second admin account keworks everything worked fine. Keyboard and mouse just don’t work. Create your a4tech keyworks office website with just a few clicks.

Wireless Desktop(F) |

The team is actively working to resolve most issues as soon as possible. Atleast put some effort into your porting. Scope and fire seems fine. When deiver successfully installed, please restart your computer.

A4Tech KB-8,KBS-8 driver download for Windows ::

I’m having a similar problem. Draw colored lines to mark the objects Consists of value-added functions, such as: Mouse look not working.

Deciding where to play! Everything seems to work perfectly in the Firing Range, but the aforementioned problems still remain in campaign, guerrilla, and multiplayer modes. From the opening sequence I don’t have any response from my keyboard or mouse. Tried remapping, using default, etc. Got to level 4 SP then i find out that the button for exiting the Drone does not work, tried remapping and still the problem teech. I have requested a refund thru Steam but so far they are giving me the usual BS.


My mouse ,b-8 a left button problem – when I click once, sometimes it clicks twice. I can move with the left stick, but the right stick is assigned to other buttons, such as shooting, throwing grenades and such. Dev team identified the issue and is working to have a quick patch. When hitting escape button I can use the mouse in the menu and go out of iffice game What can I do?