Also, it may be necessary to use “sudo visudo” to modify the sudoers file by commenting out the following line with a ” ” before “Defaults” as follows:. Note that if you dual boot with Windows, then you should set it to “local”. In the BIOS, set your system to power on when power is restored. Yep, but needs a recent bios version. The mythwelcome ‘Command to shutdown’ will then be called sudo shutdown -h now to shutdown the system. It would be a good idea to make it long enough to log in before the system can shut itself off.

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This can be checked by using: I don’t know why Had to do some time hacking in the wake-up script as system clock is in local time. Then ” from a list of device drivers The reason for this recommendation is that most Linux distributions write the current system time back to the RTC when shutting down the machine.


Spitzbub – December Here is a recommendation on the sequence to follow:.

Do post us back if the issue still persists. Best Regards Shiva Kumar.

Also which Energy Management should I install? Because “suspend to RAM” may not be very stable with the exotic hardware that a lot of mythTV users have, we want to reboot after we wake up from suspend. G windows 7 ACPI This acpii return a list of parameters.

[ubuntu] ACPI wakealarm not working

Jamie S Jan Adding users to the wheel group, including the “mythtv” user, may be sufficient. Worked fine for me using Fedora 9 on an Intel Mac Mini.

Powering up after a power outage allows mythTV to reset the wakealarm so that future recordings are not missed. MacPro 1,1 works just as any other computer. Message 6 of Thus for the script mentioned in the post, I had to use: Appreciate some advices whats now?

Worked fine, Ubuntu 8. Had to replace the wakeup script with the one from http: Make use of the following command to determine if the relevant wakealarm BIOS contents are proper.


For me it worked out as follows: Message 1 of Murph – April Lenovo G Windows In order to allow suspend you need to remove the module, which cannot be done when the module is in use. The saa module does not support suspend to RAM or disk.

Solved: G windows 7 ACPI – Lenovo Community

Had to 1 Disable wakeup by alarm in bios. Note that kernel version 2. You can automate this process. See our Sustainability Report.

It looks like that this notebook model G have some uncommon rarely walealarm type of hardware.