This password is stored in the Oracle Secure Backup wallet. Device attach points must exist prior to running discoverdev in order for it to function correctly. You also have the option of performing a silent installation of an Oracle Secure Backup client host role. A welcome message stating the Oracle Secure Backup version number and then displays progress messages. Here is an example of running makedev to create new Oracle Secure Backup system attach points where none exist already: To identify and configure AIX devices with lsattr and makedev: To omit the IP address check at the time of installing the client, use the –noaddinghostid option while invoking the Oracle Secure Backup installer.

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You can add a media server role later during host configuration using Oracle Secure Backup web tool or the obtool command-line interface. You must have operating system privileges to access devices, which is often root access, to run lsattr. Restart the system for this change to reflect. It is recommended to install the Oracle Secure Backup software package on a network accessible share or in a local temp directory.

Oracle Secure Backup no longer requires that AIX attach points be pre-configured using makedev before obtool discoverdev can find and utilize them. Bypasses the admin host identification check that occurs when aiz client is added to the backup domain.

The Oracle Secure Backup install program uses a temp directory during the installation process. Zmight remain in the temporary directory. However, it is sometimes necessary to explicitly force the loading of scdi module at start time.


Performance improvements for IBM AIX FC and FCoE device driver stacks

Configuring Devices on Solaris Media Servers. The link names themselves can be used as Oracle Secure Backup device attach points.

Running the command with the -f option displays full information about the system configuration including device class, instance number, device or interface driver, software state, and hardware type. The driver enables Oracle Secure Backup scsk interact with tape and library devices.

The host must also be configured to automatically reload the driver after a restart. To silently install a client and disable the secure registration feature, use the following command:. Any such remnants will be overwritten.

Installing Oracle Secure Backup on Linux or UNIX

Run the setup script from your installation media or extracted archive directory. That is, tape libraries are typically numbered 0, 1, 2 and so on, and tape drives are also numbered 0, 1, 2 and so on. Bypasses user prompts that are part of an interactive installation and automatically selects the client host role.

Change to the Oracle Secure Backup home directory. This driver is required for Oracle Secure Backup to interact with a tape device. When this parameter is used, you are not prompted for advanced settings. To configure advanced settings, the setup script displays a numbered list containing the parameters that ssi be configured.

Enter the new minimum password length that you wish to use. Oracle Secure Backup sends notifications about the administrative domain and its operations to this e-mail address.


UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users

Without persistent bindings, devices can become inaccessible by Oracle Secure Backup until their attach points are updated to reflect their new values. Example shows sample output for ioscan -f.

If you want to customize configuration parameters that are used during the installation, then type y. You can safely delete generkc files. This includes parameters such as the identify certificate key size, minimum length for user passwords, and so on.

It is also recommended that persistent bindings be configured. Table lists the requirements to access device attach points, for each platform. Oracle Secure Backup cannot be prompted to retrieve the password. Specifying an e-mail address is optional and if you do not specify one, no notifications are sent.

For each Scdi or Linux media server, however, you must select Oracle Secure Backup logical unit numbers for each device as part of planning your administrative domain. In the past, makedev was used on all platforms in Oracle Secure Backup to generate system attach points. Configuring Devices on Linux Media Servers.