The cleaning bars are located in the cleaning connection just under the drum cartridges R1, R2, R3, or R4. Address Book You can check the settings for the address numbers. Check the back of Tray 5 around the paper feed entrance and remove the jammed paper. Select from [Disabled] and [Enabled]. Have a much information on the code you are getting.

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To purchase these options, contact our Customer Support Center. Insert the protrusion on the tray into a hole corresponding to the paper size on the top of the guide, and tighten up the screw 2.

Fuji Xerox Co. drivers – Fuji Xerox Co. Printer Drivers

Delete Apeosport-ii all setting values of the selected item. A job is executed. Value Auto layout Selects whether to perform auto layout of the document or not. Replacing Consumables Slowly slide out the cleaning bars housed within the LED printhead until it stops.

I keep getting ” Completed with X664 Up to 20 sets. Notify Job Completion By E-mail 5 Tools Assurance Level Allows you to select an assurance level, which affects whether an image log is surely trans- ferred to a log management server, from [High] or [Low].

Notes and Restrictions on apeosprt-iii Use of the Machine Notes on Switching Off the Main Power and Power Power off processing is performed internally on the machine for a while after the power is switched off.


User Name Set a user name. Grasp the handle of the drum cartridge indicated in the message R1, R2, R3, or R4 and gently slide out the cartridge.

When you cannot communicate with the machine Cause Check point Remedy The computer and the For information on how to print the activity report, refer apeoeport-iii “Print Reports” Click the [Properties] tab.

Common Service Settings Select the display format. The authentication server manages the user’s authorization information and obtains accounting information from a remote server.

Fuji Xerox ApeosPort – III C

Page 57 Changing the Paper Settings Select the paper type for changing the image quality settings under [Items], and then select [Change Settings]. The date and time of the error occurred and the error codes are printed.

Use paper and transparencies recommended by Fuji Xerox. A completes processing the computer. Driverguide maintains the most extensive database of windows drivers on the web.

Fuji xerox apeosport iii c3300 driver download

Organization of This Guide This guide consists of the following chapters. Fuji xerox australia offers managed print solutions and a huge range of office printers, production printers and software. When you set the paper margins, however, the active coordinates area is determined by subtracting the area set in paper margins from the active coordinates area obtained in the area determination mode.

Changing the Paper Settings Changing the Paper Settings This section describes how to change the paper type for Trays and how to set image quality processing by the individual paper type.


Custom Settings Displays the numbers stored in the memory. Executing Calibration Executing Calibration The machine can automatically calibrate colors when the reproducibility of density or color in copies and prints deteriorates. Postcard x mm55 – gsm Finisher Tray: To change or customize these settings, enter the System Administration mode and make changes in the [Tools] screen.

In the report, a remote terminal name and a result or a status of each operation are recorded by outgoing and incoming transmission. Symptom Cause Remedy Unable to The phone line is not The machine is equipped with connectors communicate connected correctly.

Fuji Xerox Co. Windows XP Printer Drivers Download

Never use a vacuum cleaner for the spills. Once reset, the previous count cannot be restored.

Trouble during Faxing Trouble during Faxing This section describes how to resolve fax problems. In the unlikely event that your fuji xerox docucentreiii c c toner cartridges are damaged in transit, you can contact our customer service team by phone or email we are available from 8.