Leave Keyspan Serial Assistant in your Applications folder since you may need it to refer to these names in the future. If you have any questions feel free to ask. When you are finished, click Add Printer. There is a crack in the top housing just above and to the right of the control panel. There will be a brief pause as the CUPS interface completes the printer installation, after which a summary page will briefly appear, finally reflecting the correct baud rate and other settings.

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With an optional networking card installed, the ImageWriter II was a low cost alternative to the vastly more expensive LaserWriter.

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The ImageWriter II uses a serial interface and is usable on any computer that has one, just have to find the correct interface cable for your computer. The only remaining files are the Keyspan Serial Assistant application, the installer package, and the downloaded zipfile. Got one to sell? Does not affect functionality. Otherwise it will be necessary to change the name of your serial port every time you change which USB port the Keyspan is using. If a LocalTalk Option Card is installed, the card must be disabled by switching SW “off” up – open – away from you – toward iagewriter platen.


Unit operates when turned on. Design Review and Silver Industrial Design Excellence Awards[2], making it the first desktop printer to receive such appraisal. They are not used for printing. Please provide a valid price range.

Many printers share this same ribbon. If you do not disconnect the adapter, the installer package will crash. These children deserve a space which is engaging and instructive, where they can feel a sense of adventure, exploration and surprise!

All downloadable packages described in this document predate Apple’s OS X security feature known as Gatekeeper. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

The company has made many different kinds of technology over the years, with a few standouts being:. You May Also Like. On that page, download his Serial Print Enabler version 1. Lion and later OS versions require the 64 bit drivers contained in version 2. Open Safari or other browser and type localhost: That makes the Ghostscript component impossible to install, at least the way it is packaged in its present form.


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No paper and no ink. Wed Apr 18 With the adapter connected and its driver correctly installed, imagfwriter kernel extension will now appear in System Information as KeyspanUSAdriver: Itoh mechanism and was somewhat faster than the original ImageWriter.


Delete the interfaces by selecting them individually and clicking the “—” minus button. John Galt John Galt.

Apple Imagewriter Printer

Note that file names and links are subject to being superseded, but succeeding versions should be available on the website:. How to use this document Before proceeding with any installation, please read this entire User Tip including the disclaimers that appear at the end.

Also available is a larger set 16″ long instead of 12″ that sits flat instead of angled but priter three height position inserts to adjust the angle. It should also work for the original ImageWriter.

Select 10 per page 20 per page 50 per page Show All. Selected information from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Our model number iagewriter Color ribbons are harder to find though. In Thunderware introduced the ThunderScan, an optical scanner that was installed in place of the ImageWriter ribbon cartridge.

Powers on, lights work.