They want a Pentium 4 on every desk and in every home and quite rightly so. Remove the previous motherboard, screw in the Asus ram and CPU already installed. Asus also provide software to change the voices spoken on the errors. All sensibly placed and marked out in the manual. Asus have also implemented a boot monitoring system like Epox’s little 2-digit display and the cool D-Bracket from MSI.

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The chipset is available very cheaply in volume from Intel.

The board is packed with onboard headers for extra items like a smart card reader and their iPanel for system monitoring. The connectors for the extra hardware like USB and the smart card reader along with the DIP switch block for adjusting the CPU and the ATX case connector block are all grouped in the same area along siund bottom right hand edge of the board.

When buying this board, be intelligent and try and use it as a sensible upgrade path to something higher performing. To give the system a fair chance I chose 1.

Asus Asf Driver Download

It was designed purely to drive the P4 into machines worldwide on cost grounds. Asus Asf File Name: Roll on iD and an updated P4B.

suond As far as expansion and upgrade capability, the P4B is great. Far easier to diagnose than listening to a load of beeps or looking up a POST code in your Epox manual don’t you think?


This was at 1.

What was the best tech product of ? What’s not so impressive is that you need an expensive graphics card and very expensive 2Ghz CPU to achieve the score. Price is the main reason. PC SDRAM is also cheap allowing you to stuff a system full of memory chipset maximum is 3Gb for little outlay although prices are on the up from this years all time lows!

At Mhz, SDR memory provides a maximum bandwidth of 1.

Asus As99127f Driver Download

Easy to find the information you need and has excellent section on fitting devices and the CPU and heatsink. It was 16 x that I tried initially. Therefore, with a little bit of ingenuity, there is nothing stopping you recording your own vocal POST messages. Here’s the command line used. It wouldn’t boot at 16x multiplier and Mhz FSB.

The board also fully supports the upcoming Northwood processors and while SDR memory is the worst memory as999127f to pair such high performing processors with, it’s nice to know that the upgrade path is there, using the P4B as a stopgap before investing in a new higher performing board.

The Asus Implementation So what have Asus done to the i?

As the P4 market has matured, more chipsets have appeared for use with them. Intel would love to achieve a greater market share with the Pentium 4 and the i lets them do that.


Another super stable board from Asus with their usual quality mark all over it. The Intel INF update noted that no update was indeed necessary and the operating system had all the needed drivers.

The manual is also excellent. Being a software based solution where the CPU does most of the audio processing in the codec you get some audio playback issues under very heavy system load but that’s to be expected. Please register, and get one. No change in CPU voltage was required. I’ll try and look at things from both sides when I conclude the review so both camps will be able to see if the Asus is for them. Other drivers most commonly associated with Asus Asf problems: AquaNox – AquaMark V2.

Dropping down the as9912f to 16 again sounx increasing the FSB would hopefully give a speed somewhere in the middle of qsus I ran the Sandra burn-in wizard doing loops of the 3 tests used in the review for half an hour.