Also, you can try VirtualVCR v2. I figured it would be resolved by now, and therefore upgraded to UVS Check in the CCC: Advertisement Guests Only Login or Register to remove this ad. If you blink you miss it. Apr 22, Guys I have searched around and can not find the answer to this

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I’ve been messing about with my latest HTPC for a few months now. I used an older version of Control Panel because I can’t stand the. Now I was going hdmi at the PC with adapter dongles.

ATI All-In-Wonder/VIVO WDM Driver 7.11 Windows 2000/XP

Oct 16, at I suspect that the sharpening filter being used in the hardware is little more than an unsharp mask: I found the Display Driver is not the same as the individual driver. I see many posts on various forums from people experiencing stutter with Vista Dscaler 5 only gives me the video decoder as an option: Last edited by manicx: Find More Posts by rjgeisler.

I have determined it is not a problem with the drivers since they work with other capture software. Glad I did not have to do that over again! With 10, it resets and you have to reselect. Once captured you can bring it into VS for editing.


64 meg DDR vivo and Tv capture – Rage3D Discussion Area

All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners. In “Preferences” under the “capture wknder enable or check “allow access to capture device’s settings”. Page 1 of 2. This means that the NSP drivers also included to 6.

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I noticed that you mentioned doing that but try again and see if it fixes preview for you. Dec 5, The time now is Reply with quote Re: I bet you will get the image squeezed on the vertical axis like it does in Ulead. I get the error message “Unable to switch to capture mode”.

Unable to switch to capture mode – I cranked up the sharpness as an experiment.

Don’t know how it worked for you, donder it is more than obvious that the NSP drivers is all we need. I wonder if they would say that Microsoft should change their software.


I download and installed the latest Catalyst Drivers version 6. Wow, ATI is really making life difficult.

Sometimes, when using UVS9, I also got this error as seen in image 4: I was convinced that the capture was faulty until I was asked to use Windows Movie Maker. I do find that the new EVR rate adaptation on live TV takes a few seconds to work though so if I switch to say sky sports news I get “one elephant” minor judder, “two elephant”, jerk, “three elephant”, slight judder, then smooth for as long I can concentrate John.

But UVS10 has so many improvements that I can’t live without them. Jan 4, However I still get stutter in LiveTV and its completely unpredictable. Capfure, when I try to capture, I don’t see a preview.