Attaches all files to one E-mail. What are its features? Select whether to use this machine as a fax relaying station. Select the file type used for saving the scanned data. This is helpful to prevent a fax from being sent to an incorrect destination. Click [Search from List], and select a destination E-mail address from the list. When scanning an original that contains blank pages, select whether to exclude blank pages from scanning.

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Scan both sides of an original. Click [Search from List], and select a destination Bizhib address from the list. Select a filing page unit when an original consists of multiple pages. Erases the shadow created in the center when the original cover cannot be closed properly due to the thickness of the original.

Configuring the Fax/Scan Transmission Option Settings

Reduce the original feed speed of the ADF to prevent thin paper from paper jam. What are its features? Select [ON] if you want to check destinations before sending a fax.

The following describes details on the option settings. Select whether to show a list of specified destinations before sending a fax. Select a color mode bizhuv scanning originals. If you select [ON], the text is extracted from the original and converted into a vector image.


When necessary, it can be changed before transmission.

bizhub 423/363/283/223

Select the setting appropriate for the contents of the original, and scan the original with the optimum image quality. Select a language for OCR processing. Select bozhub size of original to scan. Adjust the density of the background area when printing originals with colored background newspaper, recycled paper, etc.

Are you in United States? You can select a print position in the page and format. If bizjub machine is used as 4233 relaying station, it is possible to receive a fax from a remote machine and automatically relay it to multiple programmed destinations. Faxing is possible without specifying a sender ID communication password. Sends one E-mail for each file. Innovative Technology The bizhub series offers many of the same features as colour MFPs, while keeping running costs manageable.

Main Features – bizhub /// | KONICA MINOLTA

Select this option to print all page numbers and chapter numbers. If [No Selection] is selected, either line, whichever is not busy, is used for transmission. Select this check box to convert each page to a separate file.


Are you in Europe? Select an original type when scanning special documents. What can bizhub do? Select whether bizhhub distribute and print a received fax when this machine is used as a fax relaying station.

There is no need of entering the original size in advance but ADF will detect the size automatically. Click [Text List] or select a fixed phrase used as the E-mail body.

Using the Forward TX Function

To set a time to start fax transmission, select [ON]. Select whether to use this machine as a fax relaying station.

Select the language used in the original to correctly recognize text data. Also specify when to start fax transmission.