Views Read View source View history. Linux is my only OS and I watch all my movies on my netbook. Using the fallback ‘C’ locale. I will search some more and try to build the driver from source. The above products may be rebranded by OEM’s, and are known to be available for the following targeted platforms:.

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Broadcom Crystal HD Decoder Mini PCI-E BCM970015 / BCM70015 Card

I cfystalhd think you’ll have to install anything besides autoconf. I’m trying the steps given in your link but there’s a bunch of packages to install and this one only exist in Ubuntu: Please login or register. I will search some more and try to build ncm70015 driver from source.

No such file or directory. Mythtv does not currently support the BCM version, the only other version that I am aware of is the BCM which is the half pci-e mini half card.

Since I had replaced the wifi card and was now using a mini usb wireless n dongle I had used my F2 function key to turn off cryetalhd since it was no longer needed.


Also there is support built into vlc. Drivers are publicly avaiable and release under GPLv2.

Cfystalhd D-BUS daemon running gksudo: T6 the repos seems to contain only the support libraries such as libcrystalhd3 and not dkms-crystalhd which is the kernel module. Did not receive a reply.

I feel a bit silly. Broadcom’s Crystal HD chipset is a dedicated hardware video decoder and processor, commonly paired with low-power Netbooks to enable high definition video playback crystslhd very low CPU usage.

It is available for other distros. Here is the output. Philosophers have interpreted the world in many ways; the point is to change it. Home Help Search Login Register.

Broadcom Crystal HD – Wikipedia

crystald Three ways to do it: First board layout [2]. However vlc will have to started from the command line to use the crystal hd. Second revised board layout functionally identical [3].

I’m following this tutorial but I’m stuck at the “make” stage: Found 3 section mismatch es. This wiki page is noticeably out of date, at least as of Feb. Same as the revised layout version of the BCM [9].


Mythtv and XBMC both has support for this card. Unable to get the session bus: If you should change to a newer kernel for some reason, run Code: Client failed to connect to the D-BUS daemon: Join us making your favorite media frystalhd even better than it already is today.

There is a plugin for gstreamer that supports crystalhd both the 12 and 15 version.

MX already ships brodcom everything needed to build drivers for its kernel, so that step can be skipped. I try to turn it “on” but I was prompted to enter my password stating that I need it for an administrative function. Here is the link http: No D-BUS daemon running rm: