Connecting device Find Remote Devices To set up a Bluetooth connection, the remote device must be found first. It installs quickly and easily on a desktop or notebook computer with from an available USB port. Outstanding performance enables you to enjoy the true digital sound with CD stereo quality. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: You need to know the passkey: BTA User Manual 4. After pairing the BTH, we could only hear a contact beep, which indicated that something was wrong

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However, we witnessed skipping, not constant but random, up to seconds. You can wear it on your clothes by clipping it onto a pocket or collar, or just hang it freely from a neck loop as a pendant. Fast and simple one-button operation.

You can answer the call while listening to music, and the music will resume automatically after you hang up the phone 5.

GlobalSat Bta-806 Bluetooth Dongle USB Adapter BTA806

The BT dongle is very small, so small in fact, that you need to be especially careful not to lose it. Using the BT wizard, we found the headset and “paired” it using the passkey. Both devices indicator LEDs turn off when they are fully charged.

Even if its not Bluerooth fault, a web page with instructions and workarounds would be highly appreciated. Again, you have to type in the passkey and “pair” the device:.


With the appropriate GPS navigation software, you can now find your way around the world: While we haven’t tested similar devices from other manufacturers, we were more than satisfied from the overall performance.

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Globalsat BTA-806 User Manual

The effective range of the receiver is around meters, depending on walls and other obstacles. After searching around the net, we found work arounds for most of our issues, but we feel Globalsat should have addressed this beforehand. Connection range up to 10 Meters 32 feet 8. The interchangeable headset allows you to use different headphones so you can personalize it to the performance of your choice.

In headset mode, you can adjust the volume and refuse to answer calls 4. The built-in Li-Ion battery lasts according to the specs around hours.

GlobalSat BTA, BTA and BTH – Printer Friendly version

You can start the It can receive and answer a phone by wireless communications, moving freely while your phone stays in your briefcase, the desk drawer, or even the next room.

Using the latest innovative Bluetooth technologies, the Audio Gateway transmits digital sound to compatible Bluetooth audio receivers up to 10m away. The BTH device is rather small. There is a related topic over at the Aximsite, that might help you overcome such problems.

From our tests, we didn’t notice times higher than 5 hours which most users should find acceptable. The BT dongle is very small, so small in fact, that you need to hta-806 especially careful not to lose it ;- 2.


Light weight and handy design 2.

The device’s built-in power is not that high, resulting in a weak bass and an almost flat sound. After we completed the upgrade procedure, we had a newer BT driver pack. In our case it found a newer one, which was however impossible to download, since the hyperlink wasn’t working EDR The software automatically searches for new versions. After rebooting and installing the Bluetooth Dongle, you can access the main menu after first setting several details:.

For our tests, we used TCMP v0. Don’t have an account? Let’s have a look at the BlueSoleil software installed on our PC and what we can do with it. The profile is also supposed, to provide control over the used media player. LED indicator for low power and charging. Page 2 It enables networking products through Bluetooth capable of data transfer among devices such as PDAs, printers, mobiles, computers, and other emerging electronic devices.