So we are talking about one stop of DR here. Zero field curvature, takes an extender well, focuses lightning fast, tracks perfectly and has beautiful color rendition. Reviewed Nov 19, For example, the 1. Thoughts R Us Dexter wrote: And the speakers would be a better investment anyway, since they would last longer and you could use them with any upgraded equipment in the future.

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It has good resolution and dynamic range.

Canon EOS R review: Digital Photography Review

Exactly what type of shooting do you do where the only thing you need a camera for is low light photography? I think of DSLR’s like trucks, and mirrorless like cars. Sony, it’s looks great but you can produce the same or better image from a Sony but you have to spend some time doing PP. There’s really no need to release anything ground breaking on the first attempt.

Canon sells well, it’s true, but only at the low end where price matters more than quality – they know how to handle this. If you need all the specs of the Sonys, they are great! You are reading this a with a little too much optimism.

In short it keeps their jobs. They are dainty gadgets.

Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless talk hots up – EOSHD

In a year or two, people with get used to these features will move on to slaying Input brand name here for something or the other. Much like with Nikon’s Z models, it has a meatier handgrip that makes it more desirable for professionals.


In cameras, it should be the same thing. Concerning the high end, they lost their mojo after the 5DII and their 1 spot a year ago.

Marc Bergman Battery life? That being said this only really applies to print output where resolution will always help.

T3 you again ignore my main points and push your Sony stance. IMO the R is a great camera and a step forward in almost every respect for all Canon mid-range users. That gets their attention. Jay- Carey and I had a very decent and rational conversation that is documented under the editors choice comments.

Enough videos on youtube already with people “slow walking” everywhere I have gotten shots with the 7RII that I would never have had with the A, my long lenses have come to life in a way that I never would have thought was possible. Once canikon refine these new cameras and we see more lenses released, Sony will see its market share further erode.

Everything you need to know about Canon’s EOS R mirrorless camera

Unfortunately, they are spending that brand equity at an alarming rate. The fact that their are some many pros shooting canon today is why amateurs buy canon rebels.


You cannot see past the spec sheet.

Thoughts Cabon Us Err. And Nikon users always said, “Ah, the Nikon pro base is too loyal! So if you did not actually try the A9 then your argument is completely invalid.

You’re getting it all mixed.

Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless talk hots up

Cameras in the same price range have about the same performance, as all have pretty much the same camon inside. Nikon Z series cameras looks and feels better than Canon and it will be better over years. Canon sells because they know blind fanbois will lap up any crap they come up with.

First of all, as I said, the camera market is not just about the professional base. However the truth of the matter canoh if video was a professional concern right now I would not be considering a GH5 at all. There is a reason for their commercial success that goes beyond having a captive customer base; they realize what their customers as opposed to reviewers care about.