Also, the conditions for scanning completion can be fetched by referring to wParam parameter of the window message. Happens with everyone sometimes. Setting SR Mode Parameter When executing Bluetooth communication, the connection will be established by transmitting radio waves by master Bluetooth equipment to slave Bluetooth equipment. Communication Profiles The following are supported Bluetooth profiles. Double click Make New Session icon to create new session.

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Dasio there is no need to scan a bar code of the symbology with its minimum digit one, do not change the default setting. Display owner notes Set the checkbox enabled to display the note written in Notes field when the terminal starts up. Location of Application for Auto Setup Locations of applications to be automatically set up symc this utility are as follows.

Open new snc in the current window Set the checkbox enabled to display new pages in the current window. When both backlight auto dimming and the backlight auto off modes are set enabled, either one with shorter time period specified than the other will have the priority. Scanning Output Format 2. Spaces within the device name entered in the field are not allowed. Note, however, that if WakeOn Bluetooth function has been set enabled, the power to the Bluetooth module will remain on even if suspend is executed.

Button This button creates a new call location.


Drivers >>> CASIO USB Sync 3303 driver

Note, however, that the AdHoc mode is not recommended because connection problem may occur. Displays screen showing information in detail about the partner station.

However, it is not generated when the key is released or in mid-course of repeating the key input. The following connection types can be created. These factors can be set enabled or disabled aync the Common Device Control Library.

Switching this setting enhances scanning performance particularly for a bar code located far away from the terminal and a bar code printed in high-resolution. Merit Effective when csaio leading edge blank of bar code using laser module noted for easily picking up noise.

Auto Recovery 333 This utility uses the backup tool to back up system data, restore system data and automatically execute user designated applications. Contents to be copied Table 3.

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In determining the blank at the leading edge of the barcode, if there is a bar width smaller than a certain value, it will be bonded to the fore and aft data, the noise eliminated and the determination made. User Notification Alarm This indication mode caaio used for alarm notification, etc.

Out of Range, In Range This will automatically establish connection again with the Access-Point to enable continuous wireless communication when the terminal returns within the range from out side of the range of the Access-Point during wireless operation. Language Tab This tab displays language for locale selected in Region tab. At time of scanning a symbol of Code symbology that includes the FNC4 function character s.


The default is set to 4. It will not function when an external power supply is used.

Conditions for Terminating Scanning Scanning will be terminated when any of the following conditions is met. After that, when the terminal resumes operation mode, the power to the Bluetooth module also will be turned on automatically.


CASIO USB Sync 3303 driver

Process after Communication Interruption With Bluetooth communication, there is a chance that the communication link may be interrupted due to the radio wave condition in air. When the program is complete, an end message appears.

For further details please refer to the manual that is shipped with tool. It is an option available separately. Application The following are applications used by host PC linked with the terminal. To minimize this difference, the laser calibration must be executed on each terminal using a dedicated reference bar code. The Auto Backlight OFF function is operable for both when the power is provided by an external power source and when it is provided by lithium-ion battery pack.

Following this evaluation period, you will have to purchase a registration key to unlock the trial version.