GangPro This is not the same product as GangStar!! Once the job is created, the operator can execute it by pressing a single button on the front panel or pressing and optional remote switch that plugs into the back of the unit. This function protects your pocketbook by preventing expensive chip damage due to operator error. Password for project files can be set for volume production control Batch command combines device operations like Program, Verify,and Security into a single command at any sequence. Advanced and powerful software functions:

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PC system requirements Operating system: The unit can come with any socket configuration desired and configured later for different types of socket through various programming chimaster platters. The unit can be operated without a PC from a master chip for duplications, or can be connected to the PC via Winlink -3 software included in the unit for creation of devices from a file or edit buffer.

This simply dp the serial numbers in the buffer each time a new device is inserted. Ordering Information You can directly chipmasger out our order form at www. The syntax is made so it is based on the CUPL language and provides and exceeds all capabilities of such products. Replaces the following programmers: Easy to operate and completes copying in high speed safely.


Auto Devices Approved by Semiconductor Companies Ideal for Field, Production and Engineering Industrial gradesuitable for round the clock operation in abusive production enviornment Automatically detects bad chips, broken pins and insertion errors. It can program 8 simultaneous devices from the PC or the Master socket.

You can directly fill out our order form at www. Money Back Guarantee All Logical Devices Productscarry a 7 day money back guarantee with no questions return policy for full cash refund 30 Day Exchange Policy All Logical Devices product carry a 30 day exchange policy with any other Logical productwithout any restocking or penalty.

You can get the latest software online. A CF compact flash card is used to store the project files. Serial numbers generators are available as standard or customer-specific functions. This advanced pin design lets you program any DIL device of up to 48 pins without needing an adapter Device insertion and contact checks–No mistakes!

Up to 30 part selections and command sequences can be stored in the internal memory and activated by a single button.

All Logical Devices Productscarry a 7 day money back guarantee with no questions return policy for full cash refund. Includes the following advanced and powerful software functions: Gangpro-8xp is the ideal unit for duplication and programming of programmable memory devices. Atmel, Intel, Microchip, etc.



Flash chip support up to G bit. Please Click here to get WinZip software: It can eraser up to 5 32 pin devices in less than 10 minutes. Operate multiple units to construct a concurrent multi-programming system.

Target quantity and Max failure rate alarm.

Support 5V3. Logical Devices updates software and algorithm regularly. Auto-shutoff 60 minute timer is included. Data can also be read from a device and uploaded to the PC to be saved for later use.

Windows Xp Driver Downloads Chip Master Xpu |Driver

Up to MB Target: All models include Safety Interlock switch, ultra rugged chipmastee enclosure and very reliable auto shut off timer. Failures are often and in the form of intermittent failures and very difficult to diagnose, resulting in thousands of dollars in field repairs. Logical Devices updates software and Auto-sensing and self-programming algorithm regularly.

Has a real timedisplay of detailed information on LCD Screen. The trade value will depend on the product purchased and the product being traded. The unique chipmaxter interface allows inexperienced personnel to quickly produce programmed parts.