Call send and end buttons flank the roomy five-way directional pad and the device has two soft keys to support Windows Mobile 5’s soft key feature. Don’t be discouraged by that seemingly slow CPU: Far more superior then any phone I have ever owned. This, however, can be remedied with a piece of freeware whipped up by some dedicated coders from the enthusiast website XDA-Developers. Take a look at our review of the i-mate K-JAM an import version of the Wizard released last Fall and you’ll notice the difference. The Wizard has them poorly illuminated and sandwiched between the top row of keys and the screen. Communication Other versions of the Wizard ship with

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If you’re a very heavy phone and data user, or are addicted to WiFi, do expect to charge nightly. Fabulous smartphone dkrekas from Amazon 24 Aug I had to educate myself in the inner workings of the Windows Mobile platform, overclocking and editing registry settings, just to be able to use the cinglhar.

I may never know my new blackberry as intricately as I knew you. He then told me to call the TMobile support line to get help.

Unless cigluar were playing back video encoded above kbps, you’d probably guess the Cingular was a or MHz unit. To test video playback we threw our usual test file at it: I had all of the same problems with the touch screen, stylus, battery, and reception that all of the oher reviewers had.

The Cingular ‘s screen size is Unknown with x pixels resolution.


Still, it’s handy if you need to connect to the rare g-only access point or don’t want your network to drop down to the slower b mode. Out of that MB of flash, the user gets 43 MB straight out of the box, a pathetically small amount all things considered. The shows a very squared-off profile, with a bit of rounding towards the back cingluwr the case as its only concession to ergonomics.

A simple enough problem to fix.

Cingular 8125 Reviews

Design and Ergonomics The Cingular has a side-slider keyboard that’s all the rage these days. We tested the phone with the Plantronics Discovery headset and audio quality and range were good the doesn’t have stellar range since it’s a small headset but it did relatively well with the Overall, Kewl Phone, If you know how to take maximum advantage of it!!!

I experienced very little in terms of noticeable performance difference between the MHz and the MHz Apache. Hopefully Cingular will update the device at some point with new settings that don’t apply the proxy to every darned connection. Average speeds range from to Kbits, with highs around and lows of These two excellent browsers offer some features that IE lacks, so it’s worth a look if you spend a lot of time web browsing. But it wasn’t as good as some Nokia phones Nokia is the king of RF.

Cingular Review – Pocket PC Phone Reviews by Mobile Tech Review

While not the greatest in holding a signal, the more than adequately acquits itself, maintaining a solid connection even in less than optimal conditions. We love the bright, colorful display, roomy keyboard and good voice quality. Please help us spread the word.


Where can I download the Cingular manual? It lacks 3G data, but has the benefits of GSM flexibility. The phone supports common call features such as call forwarding, conference calling, call waiting and it has a full duplex speaker phone that’s cingouar but not stellar despite the two speakers.

Cingular 8125 Pocket PC Phone Review

Bluetooth, in contrast, just works. It supports headsets and has the handsfree profile along with serial port, file transfer, DUN dial up networking for using the phone as a wireless modem for a notebook but not A2DP high quality stereo audio.

Like all Windows Mobile phones, the comes with mobile versions of Internet Explorer and Outlook the email component is called Messaging so you can stay in touch when on the go.

I bought this from eBay just to get a fill of PDA phone. The keyboard and screen are mounted on cigluar parts of the device, allowing you to simply slide the display to one side and reveal the keyboard.

The is the best phone I have ever had compared to the other 2. The bottom front panel only contains four buttons: This model is discontinued and may no longer be available to purchase new.

Good phone, will recommend, lots of features.