Broadcom Corporation 15 Features: Once installed all devices are recognised properly on startup and no special action is required before using them – well the keyboard usually requires a couple of taps to wakeup at the initial login prompt, but nothing other than that. Do not install dongle’s driver. Cirago Bluetooth 4 LE adapter Bluetooth 4. What is in the box?

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I have not tried Bluetooth yet.

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High Speed USB 2. For reference I am running Raspian Wheezy. The product is plug and play, ready to go right out of the box. For those of you that got it working, what did you use? However, I’d love to be able to have both wifi and bluetooth at the same time using the Cirago.

I’m looking for something low profile that will operate without limux powered hub. Compatible with Windows Then i just found out. I’d recommend both a USB keyboard and mouse at hand when first getting devices paired – they may not actually be required, but I still found them helpful.

I have gone through about a dozen so called guides, but none have any reference as to what to do when the rpi doesn’t see the adaptor.

As far as it is concerned, there is no wlan0 I am new to linux and the rpi, and getting nowhere, with searching for the proper steps. I bought my dongle in Japan, though I’m assuming there is no difference with the one being offered by Amazon in the link. Click here for step-by-step guide with screenshots on setting up BTA on Windows 10 If you have the BTA A10 version ‘A10’ is engraved on the dongle and printed on the CDthen insert the dongle and Windows 10 will automatically install its own driver.


This is by far the biggest headace and not a great first experience with linux having to constantly switch my heavy gaming mouse and keyboard from my windows pc to try and find answers so any help would be greatly appreciated! Any help would be appreciated, wifi is the last thing on my to-do list to get all this up and running.

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Featuring the latest version, Bluetooth 4. I’m wondering if people had any issues using it with Arch Linux?

Compatible with Windows 8: I plan on using Adafruit’s 5. I can’t get cirago to connect to wifi much less the bluetooth.

Bluetooth 4.0 Mini USB Adapter

And specifically, what do I need to do to get the rpi to see it? Our Windows 8 system needed almost no get-acquainted period. I see errors like this in the startup log: The Bluetooth adapter does not require any driver installation for a Mac computer, as the Bluetooth stack software is already preinstalled with your operating system. If you upgraded to Windows 10 from a previous version of Windows, you may need to first remove the old Bluetooth driver, then plug in BTA and allow Windows 10 to install its own driver.


I bought the Cirago because i read on this forum that it worked and now that i actually just got my pi with the dongle and im trying to use my bluetooth keyboard and connect to wifi i cant do either. Btx7300 you have the A6 version no engravementthen insert the dongle into your Windows PC and Windows 8 will automatically proceed with the installation. I have seen several pages where someone else asked this same question, but not libux answer for the question.

Then insert the dongle and Windows 10 will automatically install its own driver. Cirago BT plugged in to powered usb hub. Ships only to the 48 Continental United States. Broadcom Corporation 15 Features: Looks like mine is not good enough. All you need to do is connect the device to your computer make sure to connect it directly to a USB port directly on your computer, do not use HUBs or USB slots on keyboards or other peripherals and configure your Bluetooth settings manager found in the System Preferences of your Mac computer.

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