I guess the overall thing is to get fitted. Now how does THAT happen? It is harder to work thats what the Tour version is for … but I have never seen a driver that wanted to go straight as desperately and consistently as this one does. Tons of clubface, and it sits on the ground very nicely — not closed. I’ve forgotten my password. My first inclination was to tell you to go with the standard model, but your best bet would probably be to hit both of them on a launch monitor. I would recommend the gold fujikura in the stiff flex.

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It also has a really cool sound when you hit good. I took up golf in mid-life last year, playing budget clubs. Question though…you say go with the red shaft vs. Results 1 to 16 of 16 Thread: Already have an account?

With the Burner he goes to and down the middle.

RH Cleveland HiBore XLS Driver Regular R Flex | eBay

T The loud sound at sweet Spot. I can break the barrier on a warm day. Taylormade r7 I wish I had heard about this last fall when the exchange program was still available. Forum Golf Discussion Non conforming drivers. I was non-confroming as who wants the hassle of replacing a club when you’ve found one you like, not to mention the expense.


BaldTexan 63 years old.

Assuming the conformity problem was head size. The sales assistant said the backspin speed was consistantly around rpm.

I love the feel and most of my shots looked great. Best driver I ever had once you get used to it.

Non Conforming RH Cleveland Hi-Bore XL Driver 10.5 Regular Fujikura Fit-On Gold

I have yet to play with someone who does!. You owe it to your game. In most reviews their is good comments about the club but in reviews about the Taylomade Burner the golfers seem much clevelwnd impressed with their driver.

I love the club, and loved the review, great job.


We promise not to spam you! I could see with the launch monitor the difference in ball speed off the face about 15 to 20 miles faster and it bibore on screen anyway a minimum of 10 yards, but mostly 15 to 20 yards more than with the TaylorMade For maximum ball speed, the XL has a larger sweet spot compared to traditional large-volume drivers and, paired with the deep CG, non-conforminng high moment of inertia increases stability on off-center hits.


Now i just need to get back to the swing I had when I demoed the XL. Overall, both models produced an extremely consistent ball flight.

The soles of the clubs are a bit shiny but are actually quite sturdy in the fact that they do not scratch easily. I am a 76 year old, with a 15 handicap.

Carlo, You shoot 82 or you are 82 years old? I am a simple-minded golfer with a 5.

NON-CONFORMING Cleveland Hi-Bore XL Driver | #

Just a feel thing? Good link, thanks for the info. Do you think the 8. The CG Gold irons are just amazing. I have a feeling the