By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. February 12th, 4. Note the numbers in brackets “[0- 2]” should be one of them; that’s the one we tried in Step 3 with the “hw: Is it like esd, where if I go with just Alsa, I will only one app can have sound at a time? Worst thing wrong is that I have no music from speaker – an absolute showstopper for me. I hadn’t thought of removing and re-installing ALSA, it makes sense though from what little I understand of the Linux sound system. No sound out of the optical out?

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Thanks, going to go through this over the weekend. Have you tried playing any actual surround sound files or streams?

Ubuntu Manpage: oss_cmpci – CMedia CMI/ audio driver.

Results 1 to 9 of 9. For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. Installed MInt 15 on my desktop after a reasonably good experience with my Lenovo laptop. I can get static out the front two channels with the following command but that is it so far when the test says center, nothing works:.

TonyUser 1 2. Once you get it working, you can grab a DTS WAV file from this link to test that digital pass-through is working on your card — be sure to substitute in the right hw: I did somehow get some music out, but it sounded like someone was singing through a cup of water!


No such luck this time though. You might want to try that. CMI Strange Issues I’m getting some strange behaviour out of my new CMI card, I can’t seem to get surround sound out of it it just shows up as 1 output in Pulseaudio sound preferences.

What’s the output from: You were absolutely correct, there WAS onboard sound!! Please login or register. I’m pretty sure there is no onboard sound – always tried to avoid it February 11th, 2.

Note the cml8768 in brackets “[0- 2]” should be one of them; that’s the one we tried in Step 3 with the “hw: As for the Mic-in, in light of your recent revelation about my card I’ve decided ubunyu use a USB mic for my input, which should take care of that little issue.

I can’t get any light out of my speakers, either What’s audio like if you play this http: So, if you want surround sound these cannot be used for input, sorry. CMI Strange Issues Well, I followed through those steps and nothing has changed, I’m starting to uubntu it might actually be a hardware issue, anything else you might be able to suggest?


I installed a new sound card, a Turtle Beach card, and can’t seem to get sound out mci8768 the optical out. But I just found a guide HERE about replacing the default volume control with gnome-volume-control-pulse which may help you out. So in the end, a reboot after removing pulse got everything working. I did try a surround DVD but it appeared that the front audio was being played from the rear outputs as well which seems consistent with speaker-test thinking I only have 1 output device.

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How to enable IEC958 (S/PDIF) on CMI8738 in Ubuntu Linux

Worst thing wrong is that I have no music from ubyntu – an absolute showstopper for me. February 12th, 3. No sound out of the optical out?

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