L R green, Line Out is for the front left and right speaker pair the green connector, usually labeled Line out. Hard Drive The system’s GB hard drive is considered generous in any price range, sporting enough storage space for a massive allotment of files and applications and a huge music or multimedia collection too. That’s because the minitower sits comfortably both vertically and horizontally, depending on the configuration of the workspace. Packed with a generous 64 MB of video memory, the system’s nVidia GeForce2MX graphics board will comfortably operate all 2-D and 3-D tasks and pump outsmooth frame rates and detailed textures at all but the absolute highest 3-Dgame screen resolutions. Apple is only good if you are looking for the most simplicity.

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If you buy one, make sure to download updated video driver from Compaq. I was told that soound I “ruined” his last computer and caused it so many problems, I was not to be allowed access to this new one.

Read more Reviews 3 Too good to be true I bought the computer at circuit city conpaq it was a nightmare. Its huge 80 GB UltraDMA hard drive offers more than enough space for all theprograms and files most users will ever need. This remanufactured unit, the Presario SRNX, sits neatly in the middle of the lineup, delivering strong midlevel computing at a price that won’t empty your pocketbook.

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The Athlon XP processor blows away the Celerons 2. You might read that this level of computer is for the “entry-level” and beginner. Within 2 miles 5 miles 10 miles 15 miles 20 miles 50 miles 75 miles miles miles miles miles miles miles miles miles of. Data storage and handling duties are shared by a massive GB hard disk, a 3.


Obsessive Internet addicts will have tosupply their own network card and cable modem to really get up tospeed, although the unit’s 56K modem will handle less-demandingsurfing.

It also adds double the RAM, double the hard drive space and a little bit better CPU processor speedthough this is still a Celeron-based computer and as such will not be great with complex graphics tasks eg. No flat hard to type on keys. They guided me thru a restore and re-load – very patient. I am very happy with this product. If an audio update is not available or the audio problem persists after the update, continue to the next section to update the audio using Device Manager.

The SNX offers two optical drives: In any case, for the price, this is more than adequate for most users and is clearly a great buy. This model, the Presario Compaa, is an entry-level model that delivers basic computing capabilities at a rock bottom price.

An integrated 56K modem delivers basic Internetconnection speed. Europe, Middle East, Africa. I would reccomend this machine as there is a lot of room for upgrades and the processor provides more than adequate performance.

Compaq Presario US Desktop 1.

Compaq Presario 5WV285 – Athlon 900 MHz – 17″ CRT

I was never on hold for more than sund minutes. Compaq Presario Desktop 1-GHz. The system’s Compaq USBInternet keyboard sports an assortment of convenient one-touchmultimedia and Internet controls, and its IEEE FireWire portsupports fast data transfer between computers and peripheral devicessuch as camcorders. Checking Device Manager If you cannot hear sound, check Device Manager to determine the state of the sound hardware:.


The steps in this document describe how to troubleshoot and fix the problem when there sond no sound at all coming from the speakers. The enclosed Intel Extreme Graphics graphics chipset features 64 MB shared video memory and as such is not as potent as graphics co,paq with dedicated memory. No more website FAQs if you don’t want to spent an hour searching and not finding what you’re looking for! Fallout 76 is live: It is, however, less sounc for demanding 3-D applications such ashigh-end graphics or gaming.

If you are looking for a decent computer for light computing task internet, a few games, doing your taxes then this is a decent option. Compaq has added enough RAM memory for most single task situations — MB — though users will want to double that for more intensive workouts and serious multitasking.

He had me turn off the energy saver and there it was, 2. CapacityMB 1 x MB. To resolve this, update the audio driver.