The handle that CreateFileMapping returns has full access to a new file mapping object, and can be used with any function that requires a handle to a file mapping object. Sign up using Email and Password. This attribute is not supported for file mapping objects that are backed by executable image files or data files the hFile parameter is a handle to an executable image or data file. Other MathWorks country sites are not optimized for visits from your location. If the function fails, the return value is NULL.

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The name cgeatefilemapping have a “Global” or “Local” prefix to explicitly create the object in the global or session namespace. If the file is extended, the contents of the file between the old end of the file and the new end of the file are not guaranteed to be zero; the behavior is defined by the file system. If it is not, CreateFileMapping fails.

After the pages are committed, they cannot be freed or decommitted with the VirtualFree function.

Creating a File Mapping Object

Specifies that the file that the hFile parameter specifies is an executable image file that will not be executed and the loaded image file will createfilemapoing no forced integrity checks run.

This attribute is not supported for file mapping objects that are backed by executable image files or data filtter the hFile parameter is a handle to an executable image or data file. I am using a shared memory map for inter-process communications. Use structured exception handling to protect any code that writes to or reads from a file view.


If required, the caller should use SetFileTime to set the timestamp. The cost in system resources comes in creating the views and accessing them. File Mapping Size The size of the file mapping object is independent of the size of the file being mapped. This map needs to be visible between sessions, so I am attempting to create crreatefilemapping in the global namespace.

If you create a file mapping object that is Kb in size, you have access only to the first Kb of the file, regardless of the size of the file. Although CreateFileMapping works with remote files, it does not keep them coherent. Based on your location, we recommend that you select: This occurs because these objects share the same namespace.

Programs should test for files with a length of zero and createfliemapping such files.

CreateFileMappingA function | Microsoft Docs

If you’re logged in as an ordinary user you’ll have the privilege all the time if you’ve granted it from Local Security Policy. Multiple processes can share a view of the same file by either using a single shared file mapping object or creating separate file mapping objects backed by the same file.

Opportunities for recent engineering grads. Sign up using Facebook. Creating a File Creaatefilemapping Object.

If I run as administrator I do get the privilege. In addition, the file handle should remain open until the process no longer needs the file mapping object. The handle returned by CreateFile is used by the CreateFileMapping function to create a file mapping object. The maximum size of the file mapping object must be a multiple of the minimum size of a large page returned by the GetLargePageMinimum function. Fast user switching is implemented by using Terminal Services sessions.


The size of a file view is limited to the largest available contiguous block of unreserved virtual memory.

These functions creatfeilemapping be called in any order. If this parameter matches the name of an existing mapping object, the function requests access to the object with the protection that flProtect specifies.

Sets all pages to be write-combined. The file must be opened with access rights that are compatible with the protection flags that the flProtect parameter specifies. Sign in to answer this question. Sign in to comment.

CreateFileMappingA function

I have edited the local security policy I’m not on a domain to give my user to the “Create Global Objects” privilege, but when I run the application this privilege is not in the access token. The privilege won’t even be present in your token if you don’t run as admin. Mapped views of a file mapping object maintain internal references to the object, and a file mapping object does not close until all references to it are released.