During the following steps you won’t need them anymore. Then, you need to connect the LCD, pressing the connector slowly into the socket of the GPU, and place the cable into the recess of the case. Unfortunately, there is no immediate access to them, so every time you’d like to clean them, you have to take the laptop into pieces. Dismantling the video card manual from the Dell’s website: First, take a look at the following links: Finally, you’re now inside and can disassemble everything you wish.

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Finally, you’re now inside and can disassemble everything you wish.

Case Study: Replacing the Video Card of a Dell Inspiron E () – Tech

You have to remember that you should drag the WLAN cables onto the other side of the case and connect them in a proper way the white one – 1; the black one – 2 with the module. Search Dell Company Information. I failed to remove the radiator, as it was fixed too tightly. You can wipe it clean or clean it with compressed air.

Hence, one should blow those away with compressed air. If everything is done as it should, you can now turn the notebook on. First of all, let me show you how the notebook is built and describe the parts: In our case one has to disconnect pins No. Press F5 immediately in order to run the diagnostic program, and, after performing the necessary tests, enter the BIOS, where you can see the following:.


Furthermore, the WLAN card must also be removed, because otherwise there is no way to dismantle the screen.

Case Study: Replacing the Video Card of a Dell Inspiron E1705 (9400)

After installing the MobileForce With the computer off, one press of the MediaDirect button will allow users to play videos, music or photo slide shows stored on the hard drive, optical drive, a USB key or from the integrated 5-in-1 media card without starting Windows! Please share our article, every link counts! Do not pull the grey joint, as it is soldered to the printed circuit board PCB. During the following steps you won’t need them anymore.

In order to disconnect it, one has to grasp the blue tape and pull the connector upwards. When we develop a new product we put it through the rigors of true-to-life use and then some, helping ensure it meets our strict quality guidelines. Powered by Dual Core Technology Do vireo with dual-core power.

Fitting the left heat pipe:.

Please refer to the following link for further details: Learn More About RoadReady. I orientated the video card on the arrangement of the screws affixing it to the printed circuit board PCBas it is very hard to arrange it using the PCI Express slot as a guide it is nearly invisible during assembly. Removing the hard disk Dell’s official manual: Andi, a Dell Inspiron E user, demonstrated how to replace the GPU of his Dell notebook and provided us with a description of the whole process.


It is affixed at its upper part by two screws. Watch DVDs and vdeo, listen to your favorite songs, organize and edit digital photos, and more – the Inspiron E has power to spare.

Leave the two upper openings empty – You’ll finally need them for screwing the 1e705. Possibly, replacing the thermal paste with an AC5 on the GPU would reduce the temperature by several degrees.

First, you should place the top case on top vidoe the base unit and affix it to the case with screws red marks on the first photo. Thanks to our partners of Notebookcheck Polen and Andi, who provided us with this case study. One has to carefully lead both antenna cables of the WLAN card to the notebook’s top side.

They don’t interfere with one another in any way. However, there are some exceptions, e.

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