The sub-hopper must be completely cleaned of all developer, otherwise the new imaging unit will become contaminated. Trysetting up scan to FTP in its place. Solution The machine has five destinations and each destination can be configured to scan to five different folders. Check for broken gears including missing teeth in the LCC. Slot 1 is for the printing options and slot 2 is for the scanning options. This will save significant time and expense in getting back the machine in working condition.

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Minolta Dif | Di :: Di :: – Detailed Copier Specifications

Remove the cover postscrupt the right side of the scanner covering the CF card slot. Touch the minimum Size key. A3 The A3 size print measures The machine should be flashed with version GB or higher. To the right of the CF card slot, there are two jumpers.

Reassembly is the reverse of disassembly. Set “E-mail Address” 8. Part numbers for di5310f MFP3 board are: Solution To set the date and time, perform the following: Remove the Toner Supply Port.


The old CUPS daemon configuration file must be deleted and a new one created. Solution To select the mail bin from the driver the MK-1 must also be installed.

Clear the fax memory by performing the following: As a result, it causes the paper jam. Abort code 0X Solution Cause: If the initial test does not have any issues then a second test can be done.

Konica Minolta Di3510 – Printers and MFPs specifications.

The BCR board has failed. Paper cassette tray is cracked. Solution All numbers to be included in the group dial must be registered in one-touch keys first. Press the number 3 on thekeypad. Press Stop, 0, 0, Stop, 0, 2 to enter Maintenance mode. Loss of adjustment data. The same thing happens from the glass or the document feeder, but test prints are CopyrightKonica Minolta Business Solutions U. Turn off the main at the main power switch.

You can confirm this by looking at the icon in oostscript far left column of the UPD device list. Next select the “Fax Menu” tab and select “Tab 1.


Konica Minolta Di Printers and MFPs specifications

Set the correct marketing area. Unlike older models that capped out at around 30 pages per minute ppmnewer digital copiers are capable of printing anywhere from 22 ppm on the low end up to ppm with deluxe models. Please replace dii3510f SU The rest of the image is normal.

The machine displays “Please Install Imaging Unit” even after a new imaging unit has been installed. Perform an Image Data Clear to remove the jobs from memory, thus allowing you to run the F8 function.

For troubleshooting purposes, keep a list fi3510f the changes you make to the registry. The MSC firmware must be upgraded to version 45 or above. Are you in United States?