Make sure you are using 32 Bit version. Community Area Log in Register. This brings up the task manager, from which you can click ‘New Task’ and enter: Avoid any place that has direct sun light or heat. It works in the desired time and the default time is between Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback.

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Zooming in and out multiple images is not possible, so stop playing multiple images and select one channel to zoom.

Please check after installation if the connection works well between center and site. You need to reboot the system when the PPP setup is done.

DigiNet User Guide 1. Each user created can be given its own set of permissions that grant the ability to access certain parts of the DigiNet software.

Security Forums

Rear side 9 3. Operator1 can authorize certain functions to other operators. When viewing the search screen, right-clicking and dragging over the time bar will cause a time frame to koidcom selected. To use this check on [Use] 1.


Kodicom DigiNet

Fri Feb 02, 2: Posted December 9, Backup onto Floppy Disk This is used when you backup image one by one. Above is the default spec. The sound data through a microphone will widnows recorded with the video data together. Kodicom Diginet Site Users browsing this topic: Display mode setup 2. The maximum is sec and default is set to 0 sec If we can’t duplicate your crash, we can’t fix it. We have lost the installation CD containing the driver and Difinet Site software, does anyone know where we can get a replacement?

I’ve got all the recommended models of computer equipment you all had suggested and still it crashes.

Kodicom DigiNet-User Guide for DVR Operator DigiNet-1816, 3416, 34216 4416, 44216 DigiNet.

Monitor and Communication cables are option. Wed Feb 09, Jason Although I do somewhat agree with your comment here.

A classroom set of 20 cameras are available for teacher and student use. Posted May 10, Connecting Control outputs14 1. Up to 16 live screens can be viewed.


However, it will not be public. Posted February 12, We lost too much business from someone cracking our software. Select your settings for audio play back.

Posted May 25, Any changes to an original image, including just one pixel, will inform you that the image has been modified. The default activation time is Sign In Sign Up. When the first trial fails to connect, it tries to connect to the second number.