You could use 2. Hi, I”m trying to install the new Neurotec Biometric 4. Reply with quote VeriFinger 7. One way to do this is to edit your post to include the output of lsusb. Bad file descriptor no scanners found, exiting.

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Whe will do as you asked. Have you seen this page? How do I get a Digital Personal U fingerprint scanner working?

So, we copy the udev rule by: Sometimes the DeviceManager detects the device and sometimes not first time always fails. Which drivers were installed for scanner? That was not asked in the question. Our company digitalpesrona Open Source as far as possible and as far as we know a system using the Digital Persona using Linux has not yet been developed for our clients specific need.

Reply with quote Installing U. This guy also seems to have run into the uareu module. Any help in providing direction will be helpful. Behind The Scene Digifalpersona are two ways of installing the kernel module: This Part I will use the number two because compiling is better and patching the kernel require some googling.

The software detects the device, but it doesn’t scan. But, it only lists mswindows for those sensors, but other sensors down lower on the page support linux. Does it work fine?


Reply with quote U. I couldn’t see an easy way to use the fingerprint scanner as an authentication method, however. You should check against the supported and unsupported devices to see if your reader will work. I tested the abis sample and the result is the same.

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After killing the process and trying to relaunch the sample it hangs forever after initial popup dialog. If you have any further questions, please use the mailing list.

When I looked over thier stuff, it seems that they accept the image of the fingerprint rather than processing it driectly from the scanner, so it looks like they have some linux lib files for the scanners near the bottom of the page and all you have to do is get the image from the uareu to pass to it.

Are there any updates on your efforts?

Enabling U.r.U 4500 on GNU/Linux [PART 1]

Also I noticed mine has the image upside down is this normal? So, in 3 you just skip it and just install the SDK. Now, we should move the kernel module and register it: Ok thanks, now work fine the scanner suprema bioMini on Debian 7 with this drivers, but UareU and UareU not working, I have installed these drivers for these scanners on Debian 7 and continuing without recognized the abis-sample these UAreU.


Fprint Fprint is a project to support fingerprint readers in Linux. When starts it shows in the right bottom area: Is there anything to do to increasing the detection scanner?

dsd’s weblog » Blog Archive » Digital Persona UareU Fingerprint Sensor driver for Linux

Libfprint, as the time of the writting, has not yet have the ability to scan fingerprint using U. Finished x, x ppi: I was yesterday asked to have a look at a Access Control solution installed by an individuel about a year ago.

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And I love the test programs so cool it worked better than I imaged it and I have butterflys thanks alot now im gonna vigitalpersona all night playing with it and taking my finger prints: Can anyone help me find his email address?