This section explains in more detail the procedure for using the Documentum econnector for JDBC drivers in your own applications. Overview Having followed the installation and test procedures above you can then use the JDBC drivers in your own applications. This allows reuse of physical connections and reduced overhead for your application. Oracle Forms Services Secure Web. Display Crawled Version Controls access to the crawled documents: Close the ResultSet and Statement objects 1.

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Documentum and Java : JDBC

The group search base defined in AD. Data sources can optionally be bound to Java Naming and Directory Interface JNDI entities so that you can access databases by logical names, for convenience and portability. Enter a supported authentication attributes of the active ID plugin, such as nickname. In Designated Server, select the xocumentum name of Documentum Server.

Table Oracle Content Server Permissions. This document will help you to install, configure and use the Documentum econnector for JDBC drivers for the first time.

Enter one of the following values: However, if another document has the same attribute with a real value, then the attribute is indexed. After processing each data feed, a status feed is uploaded to the location specified in the configuration file. The errors are listed in this status feed. Java server pages are html pages that also contain regular Java code, which is included More information.


The directory must be on the same system where Oracle SES is installed.

Oracle SES creates an index, stores the metadata, and accesses information in Oracle SES to provide search capabilities according to the end user permissions. Command Syntax For dmapiget and dmapiexec command: The security vulnerability occurs when user provided More information.

To make these attributes searchable, enter this value for Attribute list:. By default, Oracle Content Database has a limit of three concurrent requests simultaneous operations for each user. Realm Realm of the Oracle Content Server instance. The features are briefly described here and are explained in full in the ‘Using Documentum econnector for JDBC’ guide. For example, assume that you have the following Documentum attributes with the indicated data types account name: Folder11 and its sub-folders are crawled.

An account is a group of content. The domain name of the user that is used to crawl the SharePoint site.

Getting Started with the Documentum econnector for JDBC PDF

This means that the JDBC makes everyday database tasks easy. Site Collection Administrator users are not able to see documents if they are not listed among the document permission users. The jdvc also has a template that contains a Idoc script that applies the metadata values from the indexer to generate the XML document.


In the System Components table, click Content. Oracle Content Database page at http: Databases The More information.

Getting Started with the Documentum econnector for JDBC 4.2

Idoc is an Oracle Content Server proprietary scripting language. Optional Crawl folder attributes: Include all URLs that match the expression provided in this parameter. When crawling Oracle Content Database, only three of the five threads can successfully crawl, which causes the crawl to fail. A document is re-crawled if either the content or metadata or the direct security access information of the document has changed.

Specify either none or portnumber. Provide the AD user name, for example Administrator. Name, Presentation, Description, Created.