The drive’s front panel is colored light grey and has more than the usual markings and logos displayed. There are also fingerprints with height between 65 and 75 micrometers. In the followwing graph you can see the recording times with various media brands. Protected Disc Tests 7. F8 Windows , 2.

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The LiteOn drive once again was way ahead with a speed of F8 DOSand 2. On the tray door on the left we have the “dual” logo signifying that this is a dual recorder, and on the right the 8x marking.


AH26and CH C7 Binaries and Flasherand 2. The score of 77 points is a good one. According to this, the manufacturers specifications for 40x recording are comfirmed. If you don’t understand something, go do some research and learn before asking questions. A1 Binaries and Flasherand 1.

BTC DRWIM / DRWIB Firmware V Driver – TechSpot

Do not Private Message when an email will suffice. Apart from this the drive performed well without errors. You may use these tags: Originals in CVT format B2. The software used was Exact Audio Copy. The drive just ignored the defeactive areas on those discs.


The drive returned low loudness and muting sample errors with no samples skipped. Both layers were read flawlessly without reporting any error. We are getting sick and tired of reading and responding to posts from people who have cluelessly flashed to RPC1 and then act surprised and bemused that it doesn’t function how they expected.

BTC DRW1008IM / DRW1008IB Firmware V0159

The drive finished the test with a peak speed of over 8x. The average 3T Pit Jitter values for all recording speeds are illustrated in the drw10008im table. Do not request firmware by email use the forum.

C2 errors were reported with Creation and more pronounced with Hi-Space media. The manufacturers specifications are given below. JVand 5. For reference reasons, we post the following pictures. We strongly believe that piracy is immoral, but so too is greed, the market for legitimate unprotected content at reasonable prices is huge.

The activity LED lights up green when busy and blinking orange when recording is in progress. The only difference between the TDR and the TDR is that the first includes both defective areas and fingerprints. After making the images of the various titles to the hard disk, we burned them maximum speed with CloneCD.

  6150SE 3D DRIVER

Here too, xrw1008im the drive’s seek times were quite good, it was again a shade slower than the Optorite drive. F8 Book Type Binaries and Flasher2. All the speed had quality results. F9 Book Type Binaries and Flasherand 2.

The amount of data is the same for all the tests. Errors Loudness dB A. Other than this, the remaining results were very good.