I need to buy a station who works perfectly with raspberryPI… Thanks. Within a few months of installation the new mast is beginning to discolour from rust, and I suspect it might not last the winter. First we need to install some dependencies: I need to make some sort of shield for it, perhaps from a length of plastic pipe. A quick cleanup has restored normal operation. Booted the pi up and configured it to use the entire card. At the same time I enabled the ssh server from that same menu.

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Fitting the alternative mast was quite simple. Compiling Michael’s software for the router gave the same problem. The generated File could be analyzed there: In the end I had to compile Cython and have been working through your fantastic tutorial! My location is N Hello Please can you help.

This required fitting a longer cable and I managed to route the cable inside the extension. Reblogged this on Gigable — Tech Blog.

Weather station

It has a short list of uses for the RPi and links right back to here when it mentions ditial weather-stations. Sub this essentially the same as you guys did? At the top are the wind speed and direction sensors.


For this usage it is usefull to get one file with all the data in. I installed successfully pywws on my Rasp. All is connected with Wifi dongle to my website http: These are far easyyweather near the ground and other obstructions to give meaningful measurements, but I should at least be able to judge relative wind speed from day to day.

Someone did post a link earlier where with a circuit which does exactly that. The easyweathher also processes the data and uploads it to this web site. Ignore the first part of my response damn lurg I misread tx for rx. I need to buy a station who works perfectly with raspberryPI….

Please forgive my simple question. Yes the graphs are pretty basic.

With this help I will put my weather station on my web site. This might be a silly question, but once this is all done how does the weather station communicate with the Pi?

Weather Station Software

Email required Address never made public. Notify me of new posts via email. When I unplug and plug back in my weather station it crashes easyweathe program. I also had tried the cython 0. They gave a few extra steps to be done if there was an error at the stage I mentioned earlier.


Weather station

I finally got the TestWeatherStation module to work. You are commenting using your Facebook account. First I should say that I rasyweather a complete novice with Linux. No matter what I do, I get an error when I do the following:.

Installing a USB Weather Station on a Raspberry PI Part 1

Hello Peter and thanks so much for making this tutorial… I am a rookie with raspberry and linux, but following your tutorial I am trying to connect the same weather station mine is named PCE-FWSS20 with the Raspberry PI3… all fine until isb point:.

But at least I’ll have measured the wind speed at which it collapses! This site uses cookies.