Hopefully Windows 8 eliminates the need for 3rd party programs. I would not recommended using the spindle drive as a cache since that is where static data is stored anyway. No thanks, continue to download eBoostr. Your review for eBoostr -. Now I recommend eBoostr with 4GB memory cache approx. I can see the relevance for someone that does alot more than gaming leaving this alone, but since I myself pretty much use my rig for gaming almost exclusively then I need as much free resources as I can get.

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REading lots of great info on eBoostr.

Similar Threads – reason program eBoostr. The complete cache is rebuilt approximately every days. I did some objective testing on my PC with eboostr and found some interesting figures. I did another test with a eboostrr memory cache.

Remove eBoostr 4 from your computer.

I use a 1GB ram cache and two 4GB flashdrives and it works great. Hello Emile, eBoostr does not include the pagefile in caching.

It adds a background controller service that is set to automatically run. Versions Version Distribution 4.

eBoostr Beta Program | eBoostr Version 4 Public Beta Test Program

No thanks Submit review. Andrey, Your USB flash drive is not typical of the average consumer. Which OS releases does it checck on? Google Play Chrome Extension Free access your library of media from your browser. Below are some we highly recommend. Raptor88Aug 9, Hardware Components and Aftermarket Upgrades.


By participating in eBoostr beta program you will have the opportunity not just to test our product, but to provide feedback directly to our development staff for changes to program behavior and feature requests.

Don’t worry if the whole concept is a little foreign. C Microsoft Security Essentials 1.

You should give it a look. This greatly speeds up your processes, as applications load from this separate cache rather than your hard drive. Smoother cache location and naming handling eliminate Vista and 7 UAC notifications as well automatically handles dual-boot or multi-boot configurations.

Intel RAID 1 4: I chose MS Word as the test subject as it is a fairly large program and one used by most chfck people. Windows 7 support Smoother cache location and naming handling eliminate Vista and 7 UAC notifications cbeck well automatically handles dual-boot or multi-boot configurations. This is why in previous posts, I have recommended getting these higher-speed USB flash devices in order to see a gain. The eBoostr interface isn’t very slick, but it is easy to use.


The amazing performance on XP has shown no issues to date and with full software compatibility.

Any reason to use a program like eBoostr?

All hidden memory is assigned to eBoostr cache. Beta version installation file is available for free download without any registration. More to follow New functionality will be featured as we will progress towards the release and finish checj development, including: It means that with a big enough memory cache first load times are not significantly higher than subsequent loads.

And yeah, I think I’m gonna email them about it. This light, easy-to-use tool works on the same Upon installation and setup, it defines an auto-start registry entry which makes this program run on each Windows boot for all user logins.