This board is very suitable for those who want to invest in a Celeron now, and have the plans to upgrade to a more powerful Slot-1 processor in the future. My luck finally changed when I found out that Zoltrix Nightingale card is based on contrary to what some web sources say , and it is a bit less elusive. I do hope the price is attractive and is bundled with free local dial-up ISP accounts. I got optical working too, after removing and reinstalling drivers couple of times more. Imagine your spouse asking you which is the microphone jack, and instead of walking across the hallway to point it out, you can just shout across the room, “Darling, just insert it into the pink hole. As with most top motherboard manufacturers, they do have their fair share of awards and certifications to boast about. Although lacking FSBs, the board does allow voltage tweaking to make overclocking a breeze.

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It was actually obstructing the snap-lock lever on the connector. Of particular interest is using the cards for A very low cost solution to built-in sound with 3D positional audio capabilities.

The space where the Slot one cartridge goes is the same, wheras the space for the PPGA is where the chipset the one with the heatsink used to be located. Firstly, let’s talk about the design of the motherboard.


My digital audio equipment

So how do you fix it? However, the BIOS does not offer a way to turn it off, either. This board allows complete flexibility. In addition, I think the board could use another fan connector. Quantum MB Rlite Card s: So, are there any problems at all? The CD-ROM installation goes through OK, asks for Win95 disk to install joystick driver and then just stays there, switching mouse cursor between normal and hourglass. Well, the area near the 2nd PCI slot is rather plain and empty as we can see here.

Connector board is extra option in this case. At first, I had difficulty plugging it in, until I noticed that one of the capacitors was actually built very close to the connector. Overall Rating Out of a maximum of 5 Star. As mentioned earlier, the board comes with on-board audio.

Digial audio equipment

I enjoyed reviewing this motherboard as much as the Microstar MS motherboard mainly because of its overclocking ability. The first thing I noticed was the fan connectors. At least, one can still salvage the very last bit of MHz left by changing the bus frequency.

As you can see from the table above, user’s of the older board has nothing to worry about. Although lacking FSBs, the board does allow voltage tweaking to make overclocking a breeze. Heh, imagine what the neighbours would think when they hear this.


— Singapore Hardware Zone — Reviews — Motherboards — ECS P6BXT-A+ Rev. C

Most newer BX motherboards were built with about 30 FSB settings, and yet some overclockers were still unsatisfied. The output level is rather useless unless you own a DAT player which you have modified its elte connector to fit your motherboard.

Pcci setting in BIOS. Anyway, seems like motherboards are going in the same direction as softwares, with all the version numbers. The setup was simple and straightforward, just like any other modem. However, the lack of voltage limiting cap is a bit dangerous.

Anyway, I doubt it will hurt many, unless there’s another use which I’ve not heard of.

Well, as you can see here, the revision number is kept in clear view between the third and fourth PCI slot. Overall, I’d say stability is not a problem.

Seven expansion slots are available for system development and hardware monitoring is supported.

I do not know whether the hardware monitor is wrong or the board is actually supplying a higher elitte. I kept wondering where the rear speaker output was, as it was not written anywhere.