It looks pretty much the same as Better, if you ask me. This hideously misshapen thing even more hideously misshapen than my real head was the result of a quick and dirty attempt, but it would appear that others have had similar problems. Built-in mic with RightSoundIt gives you clear conversations without annoying background noise. Many of them are pretty much the same under the skin. When it’s turned on but doing nothing, it draws about 65 milliamps mA from the battery.

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More refinements More refinements This item has been added to your list. Ezpphone can use the new EZCam Pro to video chat with friends and family, send video emails, play games, and create multimedia projects for home or office. Still a lot dimmer than daylight, but considerably brighter than the sebcam indoor night-time scene. I ventured outside to test the Dual Cam’s still camera mode, and picked a scene full of leaves that’d be as mean as possible to a lousy compression system.

Speak outYou can be heard loud and clear thanks to a built-in microphone that reduces background noise.

It draws power from the computer then, and when you run its TWAIN driver you can tell it to take a picture, but all of the on-camera controls still work the way they did before.


Decorating for the holidays doesn’t have to be the same year after year. This Webcam captures clear 1. Designed to enhance your chatting eaphone video conferencing, See more great items from Creative Labs read more.

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The microphone’s a straightforward analogue one; it doesn’t deliver its signal down the USB cable. It is a tubular imaging system consisting of an o It has a built-in microphone and a fun, flexible design.

There’s a take-a-picture button on the top of the camera. There’s also a standard tripod thread. It features world-class VGA optics with 1.

The EZPro Cam may overexpose a bit, but its white balance is unusually good.

Ezonics USB cameras compared

It has some definite vignetting dark border effects, too. Got one to sell? You install two sets of Windows drivers for it, one for still camera mode, one for webcam mode. This item is Class B refurbished.

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It does the job well enough, despite a bizarrely horizontally stretched message display below the video window.

The four-way button isn’t actually for sebcam navigation; each direction just performs a different function, like showing you how ezphhone image storage is left, or changing resolution. Clip on the top of your lapt This item has been added to your sale alerts.

The Cam Mouse combines a dpi mouse with a 2. Then, the Dual Cam just delivers video data straight to the computer like any other webcam.


And while cameras on notebook monitors ezpyone awkward and unwieldy, the Cam Mouse is as easy to use as a small hand-held camera. And you can take the battery out for as long as you like and keep your pictures.

There are also three compression modes, which are ezphne according to ancient tradition Good, Better and Best. The one I got to play with was, not to put too fine a point on it, busted, but if these cameras normally give picture quality like that from any other entry level webcam, the nifty software bundle makes them a decent product.

Archstone Collections Smart Webcam 3. Enjoy a digital video transmission of x pixels 15 fps, along with other image-enhancing features, such as automatic color compensate and manual focus.

This shot was taken with normal room lighting – a single hundred-watt incandescent bulb in a ceiling fitting. It’ll give you dark and grainy results from many webcams.