Thursday, October 16, 4: Monday, March 10, Don’t know why, but don’t care anymore. Tuesday, January 22, 6: That got the problem solved.

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Some say using last known good configuration works but you’ve probably booted so many ff2105 now that the last known “good” configuration probably has the problem but it’s worth a try since it’s easy to do and you’ll find out right away.

In the meantime, I’ll keep running XP on most of my machines, at home and work. If you leave the computer on for about an g2105 all the while staring at that black screen it will reboot all by itself. This appears to eliminate the pending sleep mode transition that seems to remain if you only restart.

hp f monitor and ati radeon x | PC Review

Thursday, April 10, 5: At this point, I don’t know what else to try without being able to view my logs or boot safe mode to see what the problem is. It’ll take a while a little less than vlsta hour but not much but it’s just about the most extreme thing you can try and still save your data and programs. Looks like the Display Adaptor driver was a temporary problem. I have tried Safe mode options and system restore as well.


No changes to system here as well, I simply locked my machine and when I returned I had a black screen with a mouse. It’s a refurbished one, isn’t it?

hp f2105 monitor and ati radeon x600

For me it was a conflict of Roxio By the way stay far away from roxio as vista doesn’t play nice with it vvista MagicDisk a program that manages virtual disk drives. Friday, November 16, 4: I can’t see anything so I cannot fix anything.

Nearby Best Buy locations: Monday, April 5, 1: So it was booting but then stuck as no system account could access any file Still the Black Screen remained after reboot in Win7. Then put it back in, press the on button, when the grey screen comes up saying setup press F2.

I did fix it eventually, but not in a good way. Copied a good version to the root of C: I restarted the machine but every time it goes through the splash screen loading Vista and reaches the part where it should show user accounts it goes to a black screen with a cursor instead.

Just f1205 something that could be a solution to the problem. Any help would be appreciated You can then use the USB interface to connect your HDD to another computer without any mess and backup your important files. Once I figure how to get my files out, XP Pro is going to get put in.


New machine, less than 2 months old. I can see this computer on my network and can access its shared files and printers but all I get on the computer is a blank screen upon booting up.

Obviously it was a problem with an update and the preinstall to OS load way of updating now.

Can I access regedit. I hope you can get your PC up viwta running. The diagnostic software on the install CD reports that everything is normal. Tested at its native resolution of 1,x1, the f performed especially well in some notoriously difficult areas: In the meantime some users are reporting a fix for this here: HP f Wide Screen Monitor.