Seeks include time controls and frequently an optional ratings limit. JavaBoard, JinApplet, and QXBoard are web interfaces that run in a web browser and have fewer features than other clients. Another form of mass communication available to registered users is “shouts” which can be seen by all connected users connected who haven’t turned shouts off. Whether serious with your chess or just looking for the occasional game, whether looking for another player or eager to challenge a strong computer, whether you like a blitz chess or you are fond of one of the many variants, here you can play chess over the internet for free. Register now for free and reserve your handle forever.

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Free Internet Chess Server

This method of time stamping each movie is helpful for players with slow internet connections. It was organised as a free alternative to the Internet Chess Club ICCafter that site began charging for membership. Archived from the original on 13 March Separate ratings are maintained for lightning under 3 minutesblitz usually 5 or 10 minutesand standard over 15 minutes. Inthe legal entity was involuntarily dissolved.

A user can listen and send tells to up vic thirty channels simultaneously. Interfaces are created independently. Fischer delay is popular: Don’t forget to join our Telegram channelfollow us on Twitter and subscribe our newsletter to receive new airdrops!


Many of the channels are reserved for administrators and bots. FICS relays major chess events. Please note that these are only notifications.

Users can challenge specific players to a game by using the match command. Airdrop is expired Links are broken Other issue.

Retrieved from ” https: For further help do not hesitate to contact us. The Free Internet Chess Server, with over registered users, is one of the oldest and one of the largest internet chess servers.

Free Internet Chess Server (FICS)

Views Read Edit View history. Playing chess on FICS requires connecting to the server either through a web-based applet on the FICS website or else by using a client program, which could be as simple as a ffr33 client, but is usually an interface designed specifically for playing Internet chess. Retrieved 10 May Internet chess servers Chess websites in chess Internet properties established in Register now for free and reserve your handle forever.

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Use dmy dates from July Articles needing additional references from November All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November Wikipedia articles needing clarification from June Both are team events with teams of 4 competing against each other, and each player typically plays one game per week.


Fr33 timeseal is a utility which allows the server to adjust for the effects of internet lag.

Twitter required Follow Single Retweet. Download a graphical interface.

Florafic (FIC)

Each move is time-stamped locally and the time is takes for each command to travel to the server is not deducted from the player’s clock. Follow us to never miss any airdrop again! FICS uses the Glicko rating system. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Relay With over games relayed live in the last year FICS has covered most of the major tournaments played in the world. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Don’t want to run your browser everytime you want to connect to FICS?