Choose administrator or supervisor if you have those privileges. Give top priority to this job. Typically, viruses transmitted via require execution by the receiver. This utility can be installed on a Windows or Mac OS computer. If you experience printing problems, set this option to No.

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For information about network servers, see the documentation that accompanies your network system. WebScan allows remote users to retrieve scanned files from the copier.

Drivers >>> Fiery X3ety 50c-km Ps V2.01 driver

At the main Setup window, press the button for the Setup you want to access. To return to the job list, choose Show Job List from the Window menu. Jobs listed in the area below the Print status bar have already been printed. Mixed Media settings affect the use of output color profiles when the Use media defined profile option is selected in ColorWise Pro Tools. Legal Notes Unauthorized reproduction of all or part of this guide is prohibited.

Fiery X3eTY 35C-KM SERVER & CONTROLLER SOLUTIONS. Configuration and Setup

Detailed instructions for configuring networks is beyond the scope of this manual. User Guide NAS 3. These options are described in the fierg section.


For more information about this feature, see page It is available for Mac OS 9 computers only. If you do not reset the interval, the default value of 15 seconds is used. For mixed-platform networks, select the setting that gives the best overall representation of the special characters you use.

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Obtain cable, route it to the location where the Fiery X3eTY is to be installed near the copierand attach the cable to the network connector of the Fiery X3eTY. If you cannot connect, and cannot print a Test Page, check the Control Panel of the copier pw error information.

To see the error, double-click anywhere in the row. Shut down all Fiery X3eTY activity in the correct manner and then restart.

All Known Formats lists all files in formats supported by Fiery Downloader. These fonts remain in the Fiery X3eTY only until your document has printed.

For detailed system requirements, see Welcome. IP address filtering and port filtering To restrict unauthorized connections to the Fiery X3eTY, you can permit only users whose IP addresses are within a defined range.

This option adds a showpage PostScript language command at the end of the print job. The job was canceled before printing was completed. A space at the beginning or end of the name is automatically deleted from the name entered. These jobs were assigned the Print destination white v2.01 icon in the Spool or RIP areas without any Hold instructions; therefore, they all have white icons.


When fierg finish specifying Setup options, click OK and close the Setup dialog box. Because many of these security features are interconnected, review the information in this chapter to plan for an effective security system, and then perform Setup accordingly.

If you select Yes, the preview thumbnail is always displayed in the Processing section of the Activity Monitor. The options set here are the same ones you set from the Print dialog box when you print from an application. Only the icons for the screens currently available appear.

Lowercase letters are allowed in this field.

Typically, viruses transmitted via require execution by the receiver. Reproduction, adaptation or translation without v2.001 written permission is prohibited, More information. You must enable Web Services.