Fuji Electric is a global manufacturer and supplier of IGBT modules, inverters, and power semiconductor products for a variety of industrial applications. NTC N egative T emperature C oefficient Thermistor is an electronic component whose resistance decreases while the temperature increases. An excessive convex warp will cause an insulation breakdown, leading to a critical incident. How can we reduce conductive noise? A modul provides thermal and electrical contact as well as the electrical insulation maintained between the heat-radiation surface and the electric part. What is the piece of black sponge pinned on the module terminals? Click “”Calculate”” 5 The calculation result will be displayed For details, refer to the user manual.

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Is the temperature T j represented by the NTC temperature? It will cause a separation of aluminum wire, or a crack in the solder under the chip.

I 2 t is a Joule-integral for overcurrent allowed within the range that does not result in element destruction. Before use, please verify that the voltage, current, temperature, and other factors stay within the maximum rating range. One way to determine the kgbt of the dead-time setting is to verify the current on the direct current power line during non-loading time.

Is it possible to get a product which is not in the catalog? It stands for I nsulated G ate B ipolar T ransistor. We strongly recommend using a stencil mask that enables a uniform thickness to be applied over the back surface of the module.


It is designed to electrically insulate between the electric part and the part for thermal dissipation. For details, kgbt to Application Manual Chapter 5.

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IPM, on the other hand, offers an advantage of simple peripheral circuit designing, by use of its built-in control IC. It has environmentally friendly modules with easy assemblage, solder-free options, and RoHS compliance.

For details, refer to Application Manual Chapter 7. Thermal destruction will result from the current concentrating on the relevant part of the chip, or increased thermal resistance. Overcurrent is defined in one cycle at commercially restricted half-waves 50, 60 Hz. Where are the chips located internally?

Please contact Fuji Electric Corp. What is the meaning of the given gate resistance R G value in the specification?

IGBT Modules

Are there any simulation models for the semiconductor products? PC k is the power cycle life for the k-th temperature rise. Fuji Electric is a global manufacturer and supplier of IGBT modules, inverters, and power semiconductor products for a variety of industrial applications. Where are Fuji semiconductor products manufactured? Thermal grease can be gatw using either a roller or stencil mask.

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No, prior to using an IGBT module, please apply thermal grease compound on the surface of a heat sink and module before layering. Headquarters Fuji Electric Corp. The parameter for thermal resistance given in the specification is described as per 1 device. What are the points we need to be aware of when determining the gate resistance R G? These technologies made it possible to use a thinner silicon wafer which leads to a lower on-voltage, reduced switching losses, and improved switching speed control, compared fuki Fuji’s 5th generation IGBT U-series IGBT.


Please select a tab terminal which has the tab dimensions of 2. It is a pin type that allows PCB mounting without soldering. There are two types of noise: At such temperature, there are concerns about possible malfunctions due to a lower device withstand voltage or reduced capacity of the used capacitor. How can we determine the dead-time? A smaller gate resistance R G may cause a sudden surge voltage.

Gahe is a SiC hybrid module? This may damage the IGBT. It is an indispensable component in a power conversion circuit for high-voltage and large-current applications.