Secondly move the flat cable on the print head out of the fixing groove. Connect the other end of USB interface cable to your computer. Loose the connection between the timing belt and the gear at the bottom of the CR motor. Pull out the cable of the fan from the connector, and remove the fan and its fixing unit. Follow step 2 to reinstall the ribbon septa holder remove the print head first and then the upper case.

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If you fail to upgrade the program after a long time 5 times longer than the time limit mentioned aboveyou can try again. The printer enters into EDS setting mode and the parameter settings of the printer can be changed. Fourfold printing test Target: Check if the position of gap lever suits the thickness of the paper used.

Wireless driver update acer a The printer can save the adjustment automatically. If the printer still fails to work, please contact qualified maintenance personnel. When the paper is loaded, press the Ready button to control the status of the Ready indicator.

Adjustments and Tests 3. Use soft brush to clean dust and dirt carefully.


Make sure that the distance between the continuous paper and printer is within one meter. After that, take off the plastic ribbon septa holder including the metal ribbon septa by lifting it upward, and then reinstall the globzlis head. Disassembly of the Carriage Motor Unit Carriage motor locates in the right-front of the printer mechanism.

Pull out the cable of the fan from the connector, and remove the fan and its fixing unit. Press Tear, Shift and Font buttons at the same time while turning on the printer, and then the Tractor and LQ indicators will blink to show the printer is waiting for the data input. Drop a proper quantity of the oil evenly gloablis the carriage stay.

The directions of the cable connector are different. Press Shift button to change relative parameter setting until the status of Tractor indicator, Thick Globapis indicator and Paper Empty indicator indicates the right parameter setting. Insert the front fixing pegs in the installation groove on the printer and lay it down. Remember to close the printer cover to avoid water to enter into the printer.

Finally pull the flat cable out of the connector carefully.

All downloads available on this website have been scanned by the latest antivirus software and are guaranteed to be virus and malwarefree. If the printer cannot print and Ready indicator is lit: There are minor differences between old impact and new impact in the disassembly of the printer mechanism and the gap adjustment. Check if the first column is in line at different speed.


Move the carriage from one side to the other impxct times so that the carriage stay can be lubricated efficiently.

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Refer to the figure below position 4. The location of the continuous paper may interfere with jmpact vertical feeding of continuous paper. Loose two screws fixed on the CR motor. Cleaning and maintaining In order to keep your printer in perfect condition, you should clean thoroughly the dust and dirt several times every year.

In the event you need lubricant oil, please contact our agent or qualified maintenance employees.

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Maybe the ribbon is old, please replace ribbon cartridge. Set the adjust hole on the left of carriage stay upward.

Paper-empty indicator is lit: Check if the value of the CR sensor is within the specified range.