From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Management lies about how much you will be making. Retrieved from ” https: From drivers refusing to take deliveries or not showing up at all, to the poor communication from all levels of management, this place is a joke. They all really took care of us. Want to know more about working here?

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Work hours where I am are pretty bad, noon to in the morning. Delievry everywhere, but they got better at keeping them away, expired food sometimes so we always had to read labels.

The GM is extremely inexperienced, a liar, and very petty. Fun, Quick-Paced, Really Easy. I worked as a driver and sr ops manager.

goPuff Employee Reviews

Every bad review on here is true. Upload your resume Sign in. It’s not worth it. So the other 10 drivers either get no hours or the shift.

Management lies about how much you will be making. The communication between local management and contractors is practically non-existent. Overall, I think this is a deivery place to work and I only see things improving from here from business growth and good treatment of employees! The management is unprofessional and untrustworthy.


Want to know more about working here? Nobody responds to OMs and drivers often ignore messages completely. There were several issues with GoPuff or at least the one I worked at. Hard to sum it up.

The upper management lies to everyone, they pay under minimum wage, and you work as a w9 contractor so they dont need to give you anything.

GoPuff – Wikipedia

dslivery Everything is a guessing game, flexibly is not true either. BEWARE The General Manager hired too many drivers, resulting in them having to fight for hours, there were no set rules, so whenever someone did something that was deemed inappropriate, they just became the example of what not to relivery vs having a set of rules for everyone to follow so there’s no room for confusion.

Now I plan on staying and moving up in the company after witnessing other people move up so fast. Online platform for convenience delivery. As a driver, the job is insanely easy. Job duties are really repetitive and there is tons of down time. It is draining mentally and on your car. Management and the gopurf of contractors is beyond poor.

In DecemberGoPuff launched a beer delivery service called goBeer. I have another job and my original intent was to work at this job until I had my debt paid off. I had a discussion with the GM at my branch, when I came in to talk to hm again another manager told me I could not talk to him and wanted to know what we discussed. As an Gopuuff, probably good for a college student, due to lots of downtime to do school work, study etc.


This company is still fairly new so I was patient with the process, but unfortunately I gopufff terminated and HR refused to respond to my request to speak with someone about the situation. BUT the company doesn’t come without its growing pains due to it being a start up.

Idle place to work at for steady work, great drivers, and lower management to handle the day to day tasks. Poor communication and rude to fellow employees and unreasonable expectations of deliveries.

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