Things to keep in mind As with any system where an external device is connected to a computer, the stability of the system is dependant on the stability of the connection. Friday, March 15, Sunday, January 3, 8: Easy installation and configuration, and it works immediately. I’m not sure, but generally an ISensor is an ActiveX control so you would instantiate it and use it the same way you would with any other.

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No GPS? No problem! Using GPSDirect to develop location-aware apps (Part 1) | IntelĀ® Software

The rest of Part 1 discusses those hoops in detail. It’s like the driver doesn’t open the COM port but just spies on the data stream? Thinkpad users with a GOBI card experienced this situation. Your app always displays “Invalid signal”.

I ‘m working on Windows 8 issues. Sunday, May 23, Do you have any suggestions on what approach could be used here? Hi Michael, Great work!! Tuesday, August 10, 4: Double-click to execute the binary. I think it would be practical for me to use this software if I could add a shortcut to it to my start up folder, so it starts when the computer starts, but I would not want to have to close the application’s window each time.


No GPS? No problem! Using GPSDirect to develop location-aware apps (Part 1)

Can you provide a x86 binary or source code perhaps, so I can help out? Driver reports Satellite data.

Saturday, July 16, 8: Until your GPS device has started njea satellites, in fact, it may not appear that GPSDirect is doing anything at all but once your receiver starts acquiring signals the display will update.

Does anyone reading this have any knowledge about this? The x86 driver installed fine.

Suggestions for future versions of the Location Sensor driver: Monday, September 28, 2: That would give more flexibility to the system. What does not happen is that the bluetooth manager has it in the other category and not in a gps category. Note that drop-down menu for the connection speed only goes up to baud, but gpsdurect can type any value in there.

Using a GPS receiver as a Location Sensor in Windows – Laptop GPS World

Reconnect capability still not there, but I am trying. As you would normally know where you are, that is not particularly interesting in a stationary situation. Always verify in device manager that your device is attached to the port that you think it is. Then try it with a COM port application to see if it works first, then try my driver and setup it to COM 6 and baud Wednesday, January 6, 5: GPSDirect is basically a bridge solution.


Windows Store sets locations gpsdirct GPS. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

It’s a part of Windows 7, so I didn’t have to install any gpxdirect just for testing purposes. I am trying to capture NMEA v2. Driver update to fix a x86 bug. Have site or software product issues?

My application would “auto-detect” GPS port by iterating all ports available and checking for NMEA data manually and then configure the driver to use the discovered port. Otherwise I will need to have a windows service running with admin privileges to auto-detect the new com port and reinstall the gpsdirevt. Thanks for making this available.