Per Firmtek’s testing, does not affect or MacBook Pro models. My hope is that the next Mac OS version that I install most likely snow leopard , will be able to handle hot swapping the card. Return Address 4 potential args on stack 0x5b68bac8: Even chipset mfrs warn about compatibility with ext. However, I was able to trigger this overheating behavior by using the laptop resting on a bed, and using just Mail and Safari.

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I started poking around for new drivers, and stumbled on this thread from over a year ago. My typical throughput is 80 – 90 MBps – better than Firewire, but not a whole lot.

Apparently the driver still works. After having installed the griffij driver see http: This past weekend he wrote they have posted a firmware update on a different page no updaters for Mac OS listed there that I see though: Next time try to open the drive icon on the desktop vs running another app – just to see if the drive is in sleep mode.

GRIFFIN – eSATA ExpressCard/34

I had problems under Leopard There are no “technical solutions” to your “artistic problems”. Here’s another report expresscsrd case others are not aware before they upgrade to OS X I did this back and forth a few times, always 38 seconds, then suddenly the descending esta blackout kernel scan appeared, and I was back where I was on Apple System Information under SL reports a failure and it cannot finish installing.


I wanted to give your readers a heads-up on exprescsard because you won’t see the normal signs of thermal distress such as a ramping up of fan speeds, or an abnormally elevated temperature on the CPU or GPU probes. All files then successfully verified. Type MD5 space and then drag the file to the terminal window and hit enter.

I do have the latest firmware and have had no problems with the drive in the past. Each type of hard drive is designed to work specifically in either a desktop computer environment, or connected to a RAID controller hardware or software-based.

Kanguru e-Flash (32GB)

However after trying the new Firmtek v5. And it’s refreshing to be able to use several new devices together without any driver installation hassle! But I’ve also had others report problems in the past and recently with Sil cards PCIe and Expresscardand last week’s news had posts regarding needed 64bit driver updates for Snow Leopard.

I hope it will stay that way.

OS X Tests w/Cheap eSATA PCIe and ExpressCards

I had no trouble booting from a 2. May Here’s several reports from the separate page of general OS X Also a second question. After riding Specialized’s Turbo, one Car Tech editor is tempted. Yes, in the firmware tab of the card you can see the version of gtiffin firmware.


Anyone try the HighPoint Esata stuff? What do people feel about their products? Hope this info helps. Is it gricfin functioning Rafal? That “Boot” related message in Snow Leopard’s Disk Utility seems standard now on every repair run, based on what I’ve seen in repeated checks here. UEFI is a new model for the interface between operating sxpresscard and platform firmware and provides a standard, modern environment for booting an operating system and running pre-boot applications.

Snow Leopard Incompatibility With Many eSATA Cards : Apple Final Cut Pro Legacy

The only issue I see now is the need to power off the machine to remove the card. You can also use MD5 from the terminal to compare checksums of files compare source file checksum to the same file copied to the external drive.

As of Jan OS X And of course these drivers are only 32bit, so they will not load when booted using the 64bit kernel. But only if your card is updatable, otherwise this tab doesn’t exist.