The touch screen is very responsive but you do have to use a stylus. There is no dedicated number row and you must press the Fn key the one with a blue dot to switch to numerical and symbol entry. Did this post help? The camera can take JPEG photos in a variety of resolutions x , x , x , x and x and can shoot video and MMS video in MP4 format. Latest Tweets Book update! I tried the Vista Hack..

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Checked This network uses a proxy server to connect to the Internet: Processor speed is doubled, the camera is up from 1. We tested it with the Plantronics Pulsar which is both a wireless hct and stereo headphones in one and it worked perfectly, streaming all audio including tap and beeps to the headphones as well as music from Windows Media Player Mobile. That doesn’t mean you’ll be wearing out mofem Fn key dialing numbers; like all Windows Mobile Pocket PC phones, the has an on-screen dialer with large number keys you can press with a finger.

WordPress Themes In Depth version 1. LEDs to indicate phone, charging and Bluetooth status live just under these buttons as does the earpiece.

Bottom, with IR port, battery door release slider moxem mini USB port As you can see from the benchmarks, the Cingular is very competitive. The camera lens with self-portrait mirror left and speakerphone grill cresent under mirrorand flash on the right.

HTC TyTN 8525 – Silver (AT&T) Smartphone

Though these cards are annoyingly small, but HTC feels that they will be the new standard for phones, and thus incorporated them in their most hyc PDA phones and smartphones. If you’re in the dialer screen, you can enter a phone number by pressing the mode numbers without using the Fn key the device will first try to find address book matches based on the keys you’ve hit, then dial the number once it finds no matches.


Select MEdia Net, then tap Edit. The time now is While well-lit outdoor shots were sometimes a draw the Mkdem having too little sharpening and the having a bit too muchthe really pulls ahead for indoor and low light shots. However, if you don’t live in or near a metro area, or are in an area where Cingular’s 3G coverage will be a long time coming, the ‘s faster CPU and better camera might lean you toward it rather than the Checked Verify the following settings, then tap Ok.

The TyTN has no front-facing camera or a 1-megapixel front-facing camera; the TyTN has a modemm front-facing camera; and the TyTN has a 3-megapixel front-facing camera.

Range with the Pulsar was an impressive 30 feet– if you go out of range the music stops and once you get back in range the music pipes through moden.

Camera How we’ve waited to say this about a smartphone camera– it’s quite good. Whether you want to connect from home or you need a mobile Internet connection for your laptop while on the go, the Cingular can function as a wireless modem, connecting you to the Internet though the Cingular data network or your own dial-up ISP.

Again, we were really impressed with the devices’ ability to run for several days on a charge in a 3G area and in mixed areas where the radio has to switch between the two towers.


Tested and modeem excellent working condition. Both models have the same controls but the d-pad and arrangement of the buttons surrounding the d-pad are styled differently see photo, right.

We tested a variety of Bluetooth headsets including the Plantronics Discovery headset and Motorola HF car kit and they offered good range and excellent audio quality for incoming and outgoing calls. No need to power down the device to insert or remove a card.

Get Organized, Save Time with the HTC Pocket PC | Perishable Press

Mobile phones introduced in Digital audio players HTC mobile phones Windows Mobile Professional devices Mobile phones with an integrated hardware keyboard. Connect to the Internet. I’m not giving this 5 stars just because I haven’t tried out half of the features this amazing little phone offers.

Though the keys are fairly flat, they do have a slight dome to keep you on target and a tactile click so you know you’ve pressed the key. That’s a good capacity battery, though not the highest among Pocket PC phones. This is a common complaint. Please verify your settings in Data Connections. High Tech Computer Corporation. Because of this phone I purchased 4 others of the newer model because price was c heap for my other family members.

HTC TyTN – Wikipedia

Of course, the TyTN lacks any carrier customizations and is unlocked. Phone calls will not drop if you transition from 3G to GSM. There are only a couple of drawbacks.