Maybe you’ll need to whitelist your BIOS. Thanks, but no thanks. Third Party Wireless Card. At first I read it as ‘ GB Wireless driver’. Third party wireless devices for OS X currently disguise themselves as only ethernet, converting the

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Are you interested in promoting your own content? The adapter restart code checks if you wanted a custom mac, if not it reads the mac from the eeprom.

Most of my work work that 3945aby, my “daytime job” can easily be done using any terminal with an SSH client. Man, it’d be great if he’d tackle the Intel ABG.

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Sign In Sign Up. To be fair, it’s at least as useless as DOS 4.


Yeah, I should have mentioned that this experience was a couple years ago Want to add to the discussion? There’s an effort to port the Linux drivers over to OS X, but to this day I don’t think they’ve made much progress.

In it, he gives some small idea of how many times one OSUnix, was independently invented or reinvented by individuals or small teams. I can change the MAC on my no problem. Not sure about other vendors, but anyone keen on Wireless MAC spoofing would probably just pick a generic chipset that 3945sbg allow it.


I think he meant WEP, or at least I hope 3945bag did.

You’ll have to pry my Samsung NF from my cold, dead hands. The cheapest solution for those is an Airport Express in bridge mode. Of course, the “determined” person could just grab your MAC ID and replicate it, but then neither of you would have trustworthy connectivity. I messed around with various Hackintosh builds for a bit, and I always came up short in the Wireless area due to my having an Intel-based card.

You know, I always say this, and sometimes I’ll actually attempt it.

intel pro/wireless ABG | transformNews – OSX86

Watching a guy giving a talk nac shoes is one thing. Maybe you’ll need to whitelist your BIOS. The Linux drivers have been improved by the community, but I guess there are not enough Mac programmers interested in this chore. My Toshiba had every driver except the wireless card.

Oh, and I had to write my own assembler for the computer as well. Holy crap that is a lot of bloat. I think the Free Software movement needs some ideologues, but they shouldn’t be slaves to them.

I dealt with these when the rt??

Unfortunately the driver didn’t appear like an Airport card, so didn’t use Apple’s own ls connection GUI the way this one does. Linus didn’t write a shell, a c library, or a set of coreutils; those are generally considered core components of an operating system.


AFAIK, most of the rest of the work in creating something one might reasonably call an operating system was accomplished by others, notably including Richard Stallman. Some the the things Stallman has said are really out there, but I can appreciate the passion. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook.

Mac OS X Drivers for Intel 3945abg wireless chipset

Unfortunately lack of WPA support means it’s only useful for toy projects or coffee shopsbecause there’s no way I’m running unsecure wireless at home. I have an old G4 tower and an iMac that this will help out. Third party wireless devices for OS X currently disguise themselves as only ethernet, converting the It’s worse when a C programmer attempts to code Lisp.

What does whitelist ,ac