Find all posts by bassntreble. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. Empty the trash and restart, then see if everything is working. However, even after following the above directions to the letter, whenever I plug the Midi adapter into the Mac, the “out” light on the adapter goes off when it’s not plugged into the Mac, the “out” light is on. To hear the sounds from your keyboard you would need an Audio Interface and record live into Garageband.

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kurzweil sp88 midi help please

Nov 22, Motif Es 7 to work as a midi controller In Pro Tools. You’re trying to get kurzwril rack to talk to your controller keyboard?

View the Media Kit. I’m certain Kurzweil isn’t the problem. Find all posts by bassntreble. Ask a question Reset. Also, with any setting I’ve tried strictly by trial and error I haven’t been able to get the little light indicator on GB to go on, even though it says it recognizes that I have a Midi keyboard plugged in.

In this case, it is channel 16 that the TR-Rack is transmitting on, so I naturally set the Kurz to channel 16, or so I thought and now I cannot get it to talk at all.


I use a Motu usb interface.

connecting kurzweil sp88 to GB I want to … – Apple Community

Send a private message to bassntreble. Can anyone please tell me which of the channels I should use?

Send a private message to DigiTechSupt. Send a private message to thabrock. Haven’t had time to track down the issue further just know the work arounds.

Yes most of the time it is the adapter or better yet a bad Midi or USB cable. It is very confusing to me.

And once it was setup and the icons closed I used my mouse to draw a virtual cable connection from the Drum Module Out to the Audio Interface In. I’m beginning to wonder if there’s something wrong kurzwwil the adapter itself. Can’t get my MIDI controller to work. If you think it might be something else, could you please let me know?

My M-Audio does give me a light showing it is connected to the computer and is receiving power; when I hit a key on the SP88 the Mivi interface shows that it is receiving the signal; in the MIDI section of Pro Tools it recognizes that the M-Audio interface is connected and active, yet when I hit a key it will not trigger anything in Reason or Symphonique.


Any help would be appreciated. Great idea and suggestions, thank you very much for everything! But a quick look at the manual found on the internet says miei when first powered up the SP88 is in Internal Sounds mode.

Keep in midi your setup kurzwfil be different than mine. Posted on Nov 22, View answer in context. Find all posts by Andre Knecht. This is how I got my Midi Devices to talk to one another. Now the keyboard should be ready to transmit Midi Out kurzwsil and no internal sounds should be heard.

Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. User profile for user: Does Midi usb controller work with protools? That would be a good place to start. Meaning you hear the sounds selected when playing the keyboard.