When performing the cleaning procedure, be sure to clean the main charger unit that corresponds to color of the toner container that was replaced. IBM may terminate your license if you fail to comply with the terms and conditions of this license. Processing appears and the printing of the list starts. The recommended thickness of a sheet for this printer is between 0. Processing appears, then Ready.

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For details, ih-21e the manual for the network interface. The paper type can be manually defined using the operator panel. Jam at the Optional Envelope Feeder Paper is jammed at the optional envelope feeder.

Note You do not have to turn printer power off before starting the replacement. Depending on the status kyocfra lighting, each indicator has the following meaning: Or dispose of the toner or toner containers in accordance with Federal, State and Local rules and regulations. Item Description Installation Guide paper manual Describes the printer setup procedure. The message display toggles through the following: Because grain short ktocera paper feed problems, always select grain long for the printer.

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Remove jammed paper carefully. The message Processing appears for a second, followed by Waiting.


When the printer is found in the Printer List, click highlight it, then Finish. The black starter toner container lasts an average of 4, monochrome pages.

Chapter 4 Troubleshooting This chapter explains how to handle printer problems that may occur, such as paper jams.

The size of the written data in bytes. For details, see Chapter 3 Using the Operator Panel, section 3. Pull the release lever on ib-221e left side guide and slide to the desired paper size.

Each interface has a timeout time of 30 seconds during which the other interface should wait to receive a print job. The message display toggles through the following paper types: When jyocera or more optional feeders are installed and the lowest one is selected, the same message will appear if any of the upper paper feeder and the if/ cassette is improperly installed.

The recommended basis weights of paper for the printer are 16, 20, and 28 pounds. Code JOB Size appears. The printer wakes from sleep mode whenever a key on the operator panel is pressed, the cover is opened or closed, or a print job is received.

The printer can correctly feed paper from any paper source as you command on the printer driver. In this case, put the postcards on a flat place and rub the edges with, for example, a ruler to smooth them.


Kyocera FS-2000D Advanced Operation Manual: Ib-21e/ib-30 Network Interface Cards

If you have named the virtual mailbox with an alias on the printer driver, the alias Richard, in this example will follow the number: On 6 Press the U or V key repeatedly until Auto appears.

Kyocera Mita Australia Pty. Then contact your service representative. Jobs saved using Private Print will be automatically deleted if you turn the power off after printing, but jobs saved using Stored Job will not be deleted automatically. Leave packages of paper wrapped as long as possible.

Kyocera Ibe Ethernet 10/ Internal Print Server | eBay

Wavy or tight edges can cause paper misfeeds and misalignments. Reset numeric values or cancels a setting procedure while using menu system. Before purchasing any special paper, make a test print using the printer and check whether the results are satisfactory. Serial 4 Press the U or V key repeatedly until Parallel kyodera.