Remove the screw holding the main charger assemby and then the assembly. Remove the printer cover from the copier by firmly pressing the part marked with a triangle. Also to clear the accumulated time for the lamp after replacement. User status report is printed out. Researchers find way to track ‘untraceable’ 3D-printed guns The 3D-printer leaves a hardware fingerprint.

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Page – Adjusting magnification of the scanner i Insert the printer board as far as it will go. It conveys the original across the DF contact glass in synchronization with the copier scanning operation. Remove the pad inside the machine.

Drives the optical system.

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Purpose To be set according to user copy service provider request. U Setting the ejection restriction Description Sets or cancels the restriction on the number of sheets to be ejected continuously.

U Setting the toner sensor control voltage Description Displays or changes the toner sensor control voltage automatically set in maintenance item U When more toner is used, the ratio kycera toner to carrier decreases and the toner sensor output voltage increases.

Insert the memory board as far as it will go. U U U U main scanning auxiliary scanning P.

Kyocera Mita KM Laser Printer Toner Cartridges

Remove the image formation unit see page Developing section cover Collimates the diffused laser beam emitted from the laser diode to convert it into a cylindrical beam. Breaks the safety circuit when the front cover or paper conveying cover is opened; U Outputting the memory list Description Outputs the list of memory. Remove the transfer roller assembly carefully to prevent the residual toner in the transfer roller assembly from spilling.


When the optional drawer is installed, do not pull more than one drawer out at a time. Right cover Figure 2.

Replace the bypass paper feed pulley and refit all the removed parts. Remove the two screws holding the exposure lamp and then the lamp. Page Page – Detaching and refitting the heat roller Service personnel are advised to read this booklet carefully to familiarize themselves with the warnings and precautions described here before engaging in maintenance activities.

Page – Detaching and refitting the drum Page Page – Detaching and refitting the cleaning bla Page – Image is partly missing Page Page – Electrical problems Page – ST feed motor does not operate Page – The fixing heater does not turn off Page – When the main 18100 is turned on Page – Mechanical problems Page – Precautions for assembly and disassembly Page – Running a maintenance item Page – Paper feed section Kyocwra Page Page Page Page – ST paper conveying roller option Page – Detaching and refitting the bypass paper This manual also for: Install the waste toner tank and close all the covers and drawers.


Printers by Rick Broida Oct 16, Method Press the start key.

Tapes Pins Figure 7. Toner spill can be reduced by inserting an approximately mm thick pad under the image formation unit toward the developing section and removing the drum with the unit slightly tilted. Page 40 Page 41 Page 42 – Installing the memory board standard fo Pressure is kyocear by the fixing unit pressure springs so that the toner on the paper is melted, fused and fixed onto the paper.

Also check for continuity within the transformer PCB make poor contact. Replace the fixing heater and refit all kkyocera removed parts. Check for the longitudinal squareness of the copy image, and if it is not obtained, perform the longitudinal squareness adjustment. U Kyoceea memories Description Initializes the setting data other than that for adjustments due to variations between respective machines, i.