Please let us know your results. Please give the file a meaningful and unique filename, containing the Bios version and a short information if WLAN was working and attach it to the ticket. Additionally, using rfkill unblock doesn’t work. If that succeeds, I will consider to try upgrading to the newest version. Bluetooth is also available. When booting, I saw that in grub menu the wireless LED was still on. Lenovo S Drivers For Windows 8.

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Intel EchoPeak WiMAX Driver for Windows 7 (32-bit) – IdeaPad S10-3

Sadly, Ubuntu does not include the restricted driver for. Jeremy Foshee jeremyfoshee wrote on Though this is not a permanent fix on its own, gluing the switch in the ON position should prevent it from recurring.

When I did a “dmesg” I saw lots of these “ath9k: When the system is restored from suspend, wireless remains turned on, dmesg shows “ath9k: Lenovo S Drivers For Windows winax.

Michael Mess michael-michaelmess wrote on Mainframe mainframef4-deactivatedaccount wrote on Resetting BIOS setting to default doesn’t fix the wifi problem. Message 2 of 9.


Lenovo IdeaPad S Netbook WinXP, Win7 Drivers, Software | Notebook Drivers

Select “Restore to default values”. Download full text 3. If no Wimax or new device in managerment, maybe need to check Wimax connector.

Its default driver won’t work properly in Linux. I was able to reproduce the kernel-panic problem by just renaming the initrd. Or click Update All to.

The workaround I used to reactivate the wireless permanently was to reimage the hard drive back to the original Windows 7 installation. You might need to install driver if this wont work. Guilherme’s comment 66 is confirmed to be a working solution to this issue.

Today I have installed the current updates stablebut this didn’t solve the problem. Continuous Web surfing lehovo wireless until battery drained. Ashwyn Falkingham ashwyn-falkingham wrote on Hi Simon and everybody else with Windows installed, Could you please add an nvram-image for each setting, with the ‘hardware’ switch on and off?

Additionally, using rfkill unblock doesn’t work. Once the wireless was active, I reinstalled Ubuntu and everything is working fine. I wrote it very detailled, so that almost everybody that finds this here can use it. You can show the bios version, which is currently installed, by typing: The hardblock says there is something wikax the machine that is turning the wifi off, but it’s not something the operating system can control. Dell Inspiron Mini Move wireless switch into ON position 1.


BTW, eu uso o Win7. Hi, This is the same issue i face.

Intel EchoPeak WiMAX Driver for Windows 7 (bit) – IdeaPad S | Notebook Drivers

Hello, I would like to confirm that I also have this exact same problem in every respect exact same device and OS. I have a Lenovo Z laptop and I had recurring wireless problems in ubuntu and windows, notably the wireless would hang and then appear to be disabled by hardware switch.

Lenovo IdeaPad S10 wifi. I booted the kernel with the kernel parameters added: I didn’t get wireless to start working.