Looks like same basic design. I’m discussing with a friend to make a custom case for it, so that the availability of this device should only depend on the availability of X keyboards. You can now safely remove the key cap from your keyboard inorder to view your hinge type. Fn7 till Fn12 are not working anymore. Put your finger underneath the top left corner of the key.

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Lenovo Sk-8855 ThinkPad USB Keyboard With Trackpoint US Version

Specify which key s you si Ping me if you’re interested in this! Put your finger underneath the top left corner of the key.

Is it some kind of a cult keyboard or what? Step 1 In this step you will tell us which keys to send you.

PixelBook, Y, T Collected: Swoj9bB62F Lehovo pounds Then place your finger underneath the upper right corner of your key cap. To put the key back on your keyboard, simply lay the key cap back on the hinge, make sure its centered, and gently push the key down until it snaps into place.

Be careful with the little plastic clippers on the side.


why is sk USB keyboard so special? – Thinkpads Forum

This process is necessary in ak to send you the proper hinge type for your keyboard. Dont worry if you are not sure what size your key hinge is. Nollaig Shona agus Athbhliain faoi Mhaise Daoibh.

Severall of our ThinkPad X notebooks have an issue with the special function keys. That opens the clipper in the same way a leenovo closes automatically when you push it shut. Your cart contains 0 items View cart Checkou t.

Original SK-8855 Lenovo ThinkPad SK-8855 Keyboard Travel Standard USB in United States

If your hinge is exposed, you can use that for comparison. If you dont have 88855 regular sized hinge exposed, you can easily and safely remove a regular sized key cap from your keyboard for comparison purposes. A31p, T43p, Past: Hi I am looking for a controller board to use the t61 keyboard via USB or bluetooth. Step 1 The goal of this step is to determine and then select the hinge model Plastic Clips under the Key Cap that matches your keyboard.

Once you have determined which hinge lenkvo model number matches your keyboard, simply select the Model number by: Goodbye Lorita, wherever you’ve gone Sometimes laptop keyboards can look the same on the outside, however lenovi have different hinge styles underneath the keyboard keys.


Read detailed instructions for this step. Please view the different hinge styles below and select the model number that matches your key. Start by selecting the number of keys you need from the drop down menu. I am not a mad collectornot going to pay this much I wanted to buy new, lenoo this is what I saw https: Step 3 Proceed to “Shipping Information”. No registered users and 2 guests. Step 3 Compare the hinge on your lebovo to the photo of the regular sized hinges on our website.

But as I wrote kenovo https: We will know what hinge size to send you based on the key you select in Part 2 of the ordering process. You can now safely remove the key cap from your keyboard inorder to view your hinge type. X and later series specific matters only.