The LG X also does without a safety catch. I asked one of the CS guys if they were sure it was a HA and he said “well, that’s what the sign says”. Many thanks to Cyberport. Please, switch off ad blockers. Anyone tried running Ubuntu or some other Linux on their NC10?

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LG sends the X into the race, a chic mini-notebook with the usual hardware equipment. The blocks maintain resistance to the coolant stream; hence, they might be employed along with low-power pumps. I asked one of the CS guys if they were sure it was a HA and he said “well, that’s what the sign says”. Review LG X Netbook. Packaging and Equipment be quiet!

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The 3-cell battery built in ex-factory gives the X a runtime of only approx. LG X Netbook, with courtesy of: I was getting myself pumped up to pick one up used All current 10 inch netbooks offer a very similar keyboard with only small differences.

Its bandwidth is at the most enough to play Window system sounds, and even here you shouldn’t have the volume turned up to high. But uzim not enough. The surface temperatures of the mini-notebook also stay within a limit.


The key size, as well as the layout and typing feeling speak for an even more intensive use of the keyboard. Ignore the posts by the poster named “Who”, who seems to have a and an inability to read or comprehend the topic. It truly is a great lil portable.

The Lenovo IdeaPad S10 seems to x10 supported well out of the box. The disk with a rotation velocity of rpm and a gross capacity of gigabytes showed very good results in the HDTune benchmark test, regarding the transfer rates and access times. How long a delay should I expect for loading the office documents? Are there any Eee PC owners that can speak to this?

Is there anything coming out in the next 6 months or so that will help with battery life Again, this is just a guess on my part. Sun Nov 30, 5: That was an expensive SKU.

I’ve been looking at the and the idea of a netbook with only SSD appeals to me, but if the 32GB portion is too slow to be useful Can’t wait for the christmas sales or for the next gen netbooks Sometimes the ethernet chipset also requires an out-of-tree driver such as the earlier Eee PCs with their contemporary Linux kernels, which iirc came with Jsim L1e series ethernet devices, the driver for which wasn’t released with the kernel until 2.


It’s always the little issues that seem to soak up a lot of time. Beats the stupid E I have been waiting for to be sorted with its production issues for the last couple of months.

uusim Sep 13, Posts: The single figure-keys measure 1. These gestures are truly amazing I guess the Mac guys have been enjoying them for a while now, eh? I haven’t done the research to determine what speed difference there is between a standard HD and an SSD.

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Jul 11, Posts: One of the more premium SKUs comes with a “3. In fact, every laptop maker sells tiny laptops in Japan.

For one thing, the end to end key bar had a very large dead zone in its center and for another the keys could only be pressed with a large amount of pressure.