If any of you make the Array workout please let me know! I plan on having the second processor installed, and maybe having about 32gb of ram. April 28, at Could you explain me how do I do that? Click the Summary tab and at the very bottom you will see Enter Maintenance Mode.

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I recently finished a big basement remodel project gutted it and started from scratch! Its a fairly 1086e process, if you have the right information and steps at hand. Can anyone contact me? Please type your message and try again.

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Will also install a second sata drive for storage. Which is the lasted according to the website. As far as I could tell, everything was fine, except for an audible alarm I would have never heard. On VM-Help, this controller is listed as possibly working, but not alot of details. This guide was awesome thanks so much. What sort of server are you planning on running these in?

If you want RAID.

Home Lab ESXi Install Problem on HP xw8600 with LSI1068

Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I have tried the MSM on a Windows machine on the same subnet, and it never locates anything.


A prior syadmin selected and installed this server and never vvmware it properly or failed as I have. SATA disks will be considered remote, not local. The RAID card in this particular server is an LSI i, however this guide is the same for all of the 92xx series cards, like the i, or i.

Apparently there is a difference…. Hopefully this will help someone. I answered Supermicro for this Mode and the answer was: I changed back to the NIC that was originally assigned to the vswitch with the management network and rebooted and everything is working fine again. My vmwre is simple. I would like to know as well if this restriction is only for Supermicro boards, or is about the controller E.

I just followed this step by step on 6. Edit this and change it to Community Supported. Could you explain me how do I do that?

When in doubt, reboot! See my legal section for more information. I love the detailed instructions.

VMware Compatibility Guide – I/O Device Search

I will update the link on the post. Hey all, so I just followed this guide to a T, I can see the host in the list and it shows the health as optimal, however when I go to actually login it goes to the next screen and just sits there with a large grey circle spinning in the middle and never loads the details, after closing out and reopening then it doesnt discover the host for a few and then picks back 106e8 on it but is the same thing, I have verified the firewall is disabled in the host and the vm and the entries in the host file.


On your Windows virtual machine, we need to edit the hosts file. Using your guide I set everything up and it was working fine for the last month.

The small form factor makes it all but flush with the back of the server, keeping vmwar from getting knocked out or broken off by the kids. You don’t have JavaScript enabled. In their FAQ they say: Unfortunately it did not work for me.