I haven’t needed to flash it with the IT firmware to get passthrough on disks. Google provided some possible insight into why we the write performance was so bad 1 2. Intel Corporation Unknown device Flags: Even Ubuntu is listed in the wikipage, LSI card upgrade is not supported. That is not possible with mpt2sas drivers up to version

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I have updated my post.

Do they use their own chips? Nowadays there is something similar priced in 24 ports like rocketraida?

The first one with a RAID1 array working fine. Or was it only migrating from one LSI model to another one? This was not the case on at least one Dell PowerEdge machine. Do multipath capable drives have different physical connectors?

The array assembles without problems. Powered by Trac 1. I tried to find a minipcie or expresscard, like in Sonnet one SAS linus and only found the Sonnetto one.


Try removing the tuner card. Clearly the seek time should still be about the same…as should the buffered reads. No need to install proprietary vendor tools, or to reboot into BIOSes to manage arrays.

They were very fast with their reply. Llinux want to use mdadm so I want to be able to address each disk individually. September 29th, 6. Notify me of new posts by email. I have trouble convincing myself that placing the heatsink on the lower surface of the card is ideal. Linux – Hardware This forum is for Hardware issues.

There are Debian packages of both tools available from http: Running mpt-status without any parameters will give you the same output example as above. The update-pciids command certainly helped.

LSIFusionMPT – HWraid

Status RAID status easily available? A Sil in one of my OpenSolaris Supported Supported by Linux kernel? I would also have recommended updating your pci-ids database, update-pciids Might have detect that controller properly then, instead of showing as ‘Unknown device’.


At the the start of the installation you have to press F5 and load the closed source driver from USB. OS don’t have any info about data was changed.

Then the controller is recognized. At the end of aacraid section is the old information on tools available on Dell website, which may be useful for older distributions and controllers. I don’t have the exact same model as yours which appears to be a e. These settings do not affect the read-ahead policy.


Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt. Chip seems to be mostly found on motherboards for onboard SATA. It seems to work on old linuxx but fails with the new one.