Select “Memory and file system” Then select “ultra-fast booting rearrange boot files ” It may appear to crash for a mine Monday, May 25, 3: It is working on my XPS M Due to my configuration, Vista 64 actually tops the performance between all of these. Size and, well, price is the only thing keeping solid state hard drives from being a no-brainer on laptops. I’m having a similar problem

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The problem still occurs, maybe not quite as frequently. Windows visra IT Pro. Overall, I love the M, and I’d recommend it unconditionally to anyone vissta shares my preference for an uncompromising, ultralight laptop. I can’t really understand why Dell is not pulling out their fingers of some body holes and offering the M and all the other new notebooks with bit processors right away with the corresponding operating system the CPU deserves.

Added SRS as an alternate to soundblaster and new codec information.

Vista 64-bit on XPS M1330

To switch and change to x64 or bit of WMP11, open an elevated command prompt as administrator and type the following command: It will be there for about 30 mins If you reboot, you will be stuck at the BSOD.


If Dell Webcam Central works then the webcam and the webcam driver are fine.

But after visat short period of time the problem returns. This model and Operating System is not supported by Dell. But with a smallish SSD drive, you have to start caring about disk space again.

I installed a scroll pad driver, I thought the problem was due to the driver. JefferiesNov 26,in forum: Learn how your comment data is processed. Way to go, Dell. My model is LX.

Dell XPS M Review

It’s also prettier, with its remarkably un-Dell-like svelte, sleek design. Upgraded my XPSm to Win10 64bit thanks vita this guide …but I tried to upgrade the wifi card, and there seems to be driver issues with INtel wifi cards.

On top of all that, it uses almost no power and produces virtually zero noise or heat.

Windows OS Windows 7 and 8. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. One thing I can quantify is that the horrible touchpad arrangement on the W3J, where the sides and bottoms visga hard-coded to be scroll areas, thankfully does not exist on the M Edited by robxyooj Monday, May 25, 3: No unofficial driver set is required for that model as Dell support it.


Windows should continue to boot correctly now. Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility. Hello Philip Yip You are a genius!!!. It also includes two shortcuts that turn windows media player to run in bit as default, the old method is shown below.

I’ll start putting together the driver links and post them here either tonight my time or tomorrow. You boot up faster, you shut down faster, and launching applications feels instantaneous.

XP Pro comes next. Install bit software first from this vksta I’ve only had the machine since Tuesday, so I’m not really in a position to provide a comprehensive review.

It’s blazingly fast and completely silent.