Another important fact maybe Robert Suess I checked out our schematics with a workmate who is responsible for hardware layouts with the result, that we have these circuits on our board. If the device or PC are not powered up, they should not be plugged together. When the device behaves unexpectedly, Windows also responds unpredictably. In failure cases on PC the following conditions can be found: After powering up, the physical connection between device and PC can be established. That’s why I have some problem to give you detailed information about the changes in CDC example at the moment.

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Please review our Privacy Policy to learn more about our collection, use and transfers of your data. For this operation, you have to choose bus-powered, instead of self-powered. I don’t know what you want to say with this comment. We thought of a problem with usb mcb2030, because we cannot find any systematic in when the hardware assistent is successful or not.

All information contained in this publication is keil mcb vcom.

You also can use these terminals as static digital output lines. Errata sheet LPC http: This warranty includes parts and labor.

By continuing to use our site, you consent to our cookies. As the current revision is “D”, the forth one, I suppose your boards would not mount this old revision.


Error installing virtual COM by mcb2300-vcom.inf on WinXP

When this problem does not happen, everything works perfectly, even with exhaustive stress routines that I have written. In no event shall National Instruments be liable for any damages arising out of mmcb related to this document keil mcb vcom the information keil mcb300 vcom in it.

I read the link again read it yesterday before starting the thread here toobut I can’t read out clearly, where to search our problem. We have no idea where to search the problem inside our firmware. Sometimes mostly on kcb2300the installation assistent fails after first connection. This file contains information for installing the correct usb driver for the virtual serial connection.

Keil MCB Evaluation Board Overview

I checked one of our first devices: I read about some tools in usb-threads in this forum, but have no idea where to search for the problem and wich tool to use for searching. If the assistent has finished successful, the device connection never has failed in past. Another problem is, that my supervisor is not able to communicate in english. Unfortunately I actually have no laptop available, on wich the installation failed in the cvom.

This power supply configuration affects to hardware and firmware in many points. I am able to understand the firmware, because i write controller programs too.


Our LPC is supplied by a local power supply. On Tue, Oct 28, at 2: Monday, October 27, So, Kfil sure mcg it enters into power down vfom, but the problem is that USB is waking it the keil mcb vcom inmediately.


We suppose that there’s a problem with various usb host controllers Robert Suess Hello Andy, thank you for your reply. Case 3 is not intended and not provided. But all the PCs have ServicePack3 installed and consequently an actual version of the usbser.

What should be the first steps for locating the problem? Looking forward to find the problem. Products Download Events Support Videos. Revision notes and power problems Robert Suess Al Bradford [ Note You can download these documents at ni. WindowsXP uses a generic driver file ‘usbser. So, the problem is that, the hardware configuration manager reports that, kcb2300 NO new hardware!